How to be a Homesnap Pro: Part Two

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It’s time for Part Two of How to Become a Homesnap Pro! (Here’s Part One, ICYMI). As a reminder, Homesnap is part of the ABoR MLS Mobile Suite and all ABoR MLS subscribers have access to a free Homesnap Pro account.

What does a Homesnap Pro account do?

  • Allows you to access MLS-only data within the app (the information you see in yellow within the Homesnap app)
  • Share your app with clients, making you their direct contact when they search for homes
  • Simple, integrated messaging with other agents and clients within the app

Here are some step-by-step instructions to claim your Homesnap Pro account!

Now, back to becoming a Homesnap Pro. These features below are ripped straight from the Homesnap Pro User Guide.

Rapid CMA

A Rapid CMA report is a quick way to help you share general market statistics on a property.

  1. Click on "Send a Rapid CMA"

2. Confirm details of the property

3. Select up to three similar listings marked "For Sale"

4. Select up to three Sold Comps

5. Enter email address and personalize CMA

REALTOR® Safety Timer

How does it work?

When you arrive at a showing, open the listing in Homesnap to set a Safety Timer. (Note: You must be within 2000 yards of the home in order for a timer to appear.)


These quick tips should help you get started on the road to being a Homesnap! Again, check out the Homesnap Pro User Guide for more helpful information. You can also email with any questions you have.

Good luck out there!


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