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As an agent, you know how significant networking can be, which is why it's always important to put your best foot forward. That means checking the showing instructions to ensure that you're considerate of other REALTORS and their clients. Besides, you never know who you might work with in the future, and your reputation is a major component of your business. Maintain credibility and become a master of showing etiquette with these helpful tips:

1. Communication is Everything

Communication is a big part of the job. Whether you're scheduling appointments or notifying a client of a delay, be sure to always, ALWAYS notify others well in advance of your ETA. Regardless of whether they respond in kind, allow for as much time as is humanly possible. You want to allow the owner enough time to kennel Rex the Doberman, don’t you?

A courtesy call can go a long way in helping you build rapport with both clients and agents alike. Remember to check the "Showing Instructions" in the MLS. If you see "Call First - Go," do your due diligence and phone the listing agent or the current occupant ahead of time. No approval or response is necessary beyond that, though, a voicemail or text message will convey that you put forth the effort.

2. Respect Boundaries & Space

Make your presence known if you're showing a residence that's occupied. Knock on the door, ask before using the bathroom, and, if provided, wear protective booties to avoid tracking grime indoors. Additionally, make sure no one gets separated from your group. After all, as a showing agent, you are responsible for anyone you bring on to the premises.

Similarly, if occupants are present at the time of your showing, inform them of when your showing has ended and let them know when you will be leaving the residence. No one likes being caught off guard. If you want to avoid knowing whether an occupant is a boxers or briefs kind of guy, you should follow this tip to a T.

3. Be Considerate of Colleagues

Upon leaving a showing, remember to leave things exactly as you found them. Turn off any lights you may have used while touring the property, close the blinds, and remember to return the house key to the lockbox or to its respective place. Whatever you do, DO NOT leave the key in the door. You never know who's watching, and you certainly don't want to provide an easy means of entry for intruders.

Showing etiquette is often neglected or overlooked altogether. Still, taking a few minutes to call a listing agent prior to a showing or simply communicating an otherwise overlooked detail reinforces that you’re a professional. For more on mastering the art of showing etiquette, go to


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