Live Your Best Life: Five Ways to Up Your Health Game

ABoR's Communications Department tries out FaceApp. Pictured from left to right: Belinda Espinoza, Danielle Hammett, Blake McCoy, Christine Wren, and Clarisa Ramirez.

Is FaceApp getting you down about your lifestyle decisions? ABoR's Marketing & Communications Team was late to the party—playing around with the viral app that uses artificial intelligence to show how you’re going to age—but it got us thinking that it’s probably a good idea for all of us to asses and reevaluate our current preventative healthcare routines.

We chatted with Jeremy Gabrysch, Founder & CEO of Remedy (a benefit for ABoR members), about what habits we should kick to the curb to live a long and healthy life and did our own research. Here are five things you should start doing today!

Personalize Your Healthcare

Ain’t technology great? Now people can actually find out what preventative care is recommended for them, based on age in gender, with just a few clicks on the internet. Gabrysch touts the US Preventative Service Task Force (USPSTF) as a website you should bookmark. USPSTF is an independent panel of primary care and prevention experts who make evidence-based recommendations. “You could see what’s recommended for a 42-year-old male. ‘Do I need a colonoscopy?’” Gabrysch says. The answer, by the way, is men should get screened for colon cancer at age 45. “It lays out what sort of testing people should get for screening purposes and proven recommendations that save people’s lives. It’s good to know about them.” Go here to see what free preventable services your insurance covers.

Remedy is a benefit to our members. Learn more.

Give Your Medicine Cabinet a Makeover

Like your kitchen, it’s good to have staples you can rely on when you need them, and all things have an end date. First, check to see if you’re stocked up on your over-the-counter medications. Make sure to look at the expiration dates all the pills and vitamins in your cabinet, toss the old ones and replace them, if needed. While you’re at it, parents should take note of which bottles need to be replaced with child-safe options. Second, see what’s missing in your cabinet. Do you have a thermometer, Tweezers, rubbing alcohol? Take a look here, here, and here for ideas of what might need to add during your next run to the store.

Put Down Your Phone

Blame it on smartphones. Not only are they believed to prevent restful sleep, they’re also contributing to your anxiety. “These days we’re getting hit up in all directions, so it can be really difficult to manage stress,” Gabrysch says on the subject. When your body is stressed you can’t make good decision, which can affect your health, work, and quality of life. Whether it’s from meditation, yoga, or whatever it takes to give yourself a break from the screen and go outside (and perhaps squeeze in 30 minutes of beneficial exercise, while you’re at it). One thing you might want to try is completely unplugging yourself on weekends and after hours or setting up Screen Time in the settings of your phone to track the amount of time you’re spending on your phone. “There’s a lot of evidence that shows that taking the time to intentionally de-stress can really impact your health.”

Get it Delivered

You don’t need us to tell you that you’re busy. Call your doctor and see if you can get your prescriptions via mail order or on a 90-day supply, and take a look at Remedy’s guide of delivery services in Austin. It’s like going paperless with your bank statements; you’ll never look back! And while you’re at it, consider making the change to getting your groceries delivered (Google it!) and picking a day to meal-prep or trying out a meal kit service. While it might be a little more costly, doing so will guarantee you’ll always have healthy foods at home, so you won’t be tempted to pick up fast food, be less distracted by snacks at the check-out line—and a recent study showed that meal kits actually have a lower carbon footprint than grocery shopping Sorry Whataburger; not today.

Maximize your Remedy Membership

Ever had the experience where you were sick or injured but you can’t make to the doctor’s office for one reason or another, or don’t feel like waiting at a clinic? Enter Remedy. Remedy provides same-day house calls throughout the Austin area (often within two hours) and secure, on-demand video visits. All ABoR members get a $120 credit to their account, a 20 percent discount on all services, and it works with or without insurance. Set up your Remedy account here with an email associated with your ABoR account, add family members, and learn more here. Heck, call Remedy to get your flu shot! Also, take a look at Remedy’s blog for more great health tips (HIIT Workouts - How Much is Too Much?,  Who Should Take Vitamins?How Much Caffeine is Too Much?) that may answer some of your questions. Learn more about Remedy at, and watch this testimonial.

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