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Frequently Asked Questions – Matrix 7.0 and the New Client Portal

Matrix 7.0 will bring a new Client Portal experience for agents and clients. The basic functionality of the Portal remains, but now has an updated interface and a responsive design. Find out more about the update in the FAQs below.

Download the Matrix 7.0 FAQ PDF

What is the upcoming update—Matrix 7.0?
What are the new features included in Matrix 7.0?
How does a client save a property as a Possibility or Discard it?
Q: Where do Favorited/Possibility/Discarded listings save in the Client Portal?
How can my clients and I leave Property Notes for each other?
How do I update my Agent Portal Profile? (the info that appears on the “My Agent” tab of the Portal)
I uploaded a new agent photo, why do I still see my old photo?
How do I add a photo to my email signature?
Will the new Client Portal affect my IDX feed plugin and/or my Matrix Agent Webpage?
Why do I have to agree to a new End User License Agreement (EULA)?
Does the Mobile Portal still exist?
How do I set up my Agent Notifications of my clients’ Portal activity?
How do I update my Header? Do we have a Footer option now?
VIDEO: Basics of the Client Portal
VIDEO: Updating Your Agent Portal Profile
VIDEO: Adding Property Notes
VIDEO: Agent Notifications of Client Portal Activity

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