Matrix Update - Inputs

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of an agent’s interaction with an MLS happens when they’re entering a listing. That’s why we took our time collecting feedback from ACTRIS MLS subscribers, like you, to determine how we could improve our listing agents’ user experience.

ACTRIS MLS subscribers will now notice more input options, less scroll boxes, and character limits as far as the eye can see–or at least as far as you’d want to read. Suffice it to say, we gave this section a little extra love.

So Fresh and So Clean

First up on our tour are property profile sheets. While most all of the property profile sheets have been updated in accordance with new terms, input tabs, and the like, the main thing to know is that the property profile sheet formerly known as Multi-Family will soon be called Residential Income. See their fresh new look!

No More Scroll Boxes!

Although we mentioned this in a previous blog on Searches, we want to reiterate just how excited we are to no longer have scroll boxes in Matrix! We know it might look like a lot more options in Matrix, and that is true to some extent, but the reality is that these boxes were holding y’all back in more ways than one. Now, you will just need to select CTRL+F on your keyboard to search for and locate the input option of your desire, and the rest is history. Sweetening the deal, there is no cap on how many input options you can select. Go wild! Select them all! Okay, maybe not all, but you get the point.

More Characters!

Next, let’s take a moment to appreciate the following items, because these updates are going to be great for any agent adding a listing in Matrix. First, note the higher character limits and a re-worked Showing Instructions field! You’ve asked for it, and we’re delivering it. You will now have a total character limit of 2,000 characters per Remarks field (including the open-text Showing Instructions field)! Gone are the days of getting to that wretched 500-character limit that leaves your remarks feeling like the fade-to-black series finale of The Sopranos.

Save as Incomplete on ANY Tab

The second item we know you’ll love as much as we do is the Save as Incomplete button at the bottom of each page on the input form. No matter which tab you’re on, you will always have the option to save your progress. We know it’s a minor detail, but it makes a huge difference. Whether you need to step away from your desk or just want to make sure your progress is saved before the battery goes dead on your computer, we’ve got you covered.

Tab by Tab Walkthrough

There are a lot of minor details that went into this update, so let’s do a deeper dive now to see what else is new in Matrix.

Listing Tab

For starters, the Special Listing Conditions under the “Listing” tab is a new field that merges multiple old fields, including Auction and Foreclosure/REO. Instead, you just need to select the criteria that matters to your specific listing or simply select “None.”

Additional Tab

Once you get to the “Additional” tab in Matrix, you’ll notice a couple of subtle changes. First, under Interior Features, you will see Primary Bedroom on Main (previously Master on Main Y/N). This update will make it easier for buyers' agents to search for that feature.

"Primary Bedroom on Main" is an example of what an agent sees on the input form while the "Primary BD on Main Lvl" selection indicates what appears on the search form.

The second thing to note on the "Additional Tab" is that Disability Features has been replaced by Accessibility Features in the new system.

Rooms Tab

As was also touched on in our Searches blog, we now have a tab specifically for “Rooms." The one big takeaway we want to highlight here is that you will be required to select Kitchen and at least one bedroom and bathroom to describe. For each row, you'll select a Room Type (Kitchen, Primary Bedroom, etc.); its Room Level (Main, Second, etc.); and its Room Features (High Ceilings, Track Lighting, etc.).

Kitchen, Primary Bedroom, and Primary Bathroom used to have their own individual input fields. So, to continue to tell that story, you'll need to use this Rooms section to do so. But feel free to describe as many rooms as you can to accurately tell the story of your listing!

Green Energy Tab

Moving on to the following tab, subscribers will notice that the "Green Energy Options" tab is now the "Green Energy" tab. It's a rather simple update, but, when applicable, agents will need to make sure that when updating the Green Building Verification Type they go the extra step and fill out the Verification Metric and Verification Status fields, as well as the Verification Rating and Verification Year, as shown below.

Financial Tab

On the “Financial” tab, the HOA Y/N selection has been replaced by Association Y/N. This is an easy enough switch that is gradually becoming a standard input option in MLSs across the country, but, as indicated in the previous paragraph, MLS users will need to do their due diligence when selecting "Yes" and update the following four fields:

  • Association Name
  • Association Fee
  • Association Fee Frequency
  • Association Requirement


Under “Remarks/Tours/Internet,” subscribers should also note that Agent Remarks has been replaced by Private Remarks and Public Remarks has replaced Internet Remarks.

The BIG Picture

We recognize that these changes can be daunting, but we want to assure you that these updates to our system will continue to enable the ACTRIS MLS to offer cutting-edge tools and technology to our subscribers in the long run. To help with this transition, our team has created a step-by-step video on Adding a Listing in Matrix, as well as a shorter video below that pinpoints unique changes to our system.

See These Updates in Action!

We hope you love these updates as much as we do! For more information on updates to inputs in Matrix, visit


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