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Even though summer isn't officially until June, we're already heating things up at the ABoR Academy! With nearly 30+ courses held this month, we have an offering for every member whether you're looking to brush up on Matrix basics, learn more about agent investing, or advance your knowledge on residential leasing. View the calendar here.

Our Academy Picks

Kickoff the season learning more about property management, residential leasing, and everything in between at ABoR Headquarters! Check out the classes we're offering below:

  • TAR Residential Leasing and Property Management Agreement - This course covers the TAR Residential Leasing and Property Management Agreement as well as other TAR property management forms. Upon completion of the course, real estate agents can confidently present the agreement and forms to property owners. This course is worth 3 CEs and takes place on May 24.  TREC# 03-00-017-28117 | Provider #0001, TAR
  • Property Management Business Issues - The purpose of this course is to provide property managers with systems and controls to ensure a safer rental and avoid potential lawsuit. Specifically, the course covers trust accounting, insurance issues, key control systems, and carbon monoxide poisoning. This course is worth 3 CEs and takes place on May 24 TREC # 28120 | Provider #0001, TAR
  • Tenant and Owner Relationships - This course will discuss conditions and interactions that may cause stress to or failure of the tenant/owner relationship. Participants will be provided techniques useful to heal strained relationships and deliver the best outcome. This course is worth 3 CEs and takes place on May 25TREC# 03-00-017-28115 | Provider #0001, TAR
  • Residential Evictions - This course provides real estate professionals with a thorough understanding of what they can and cannot do when conducting an eviction. Participants will learn how to prepare eviction forms to ensure a successful eviction without any headaches.  This course is worth 3 CEs and takes place on May 25TREC# 03-00-017-28116 | Provider #0001, TAR
  • Maintenance & Habitability of Residential Rentals - This course will discuss specific sections of the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC) that directly impact the habitability and maintenance of residential rentals. After leaving this course, agents will be to recognize IPMC violations and assess if the property may fail IPMC inspection. This course is worth 3 CEs and takes place on May 26. TREC# 03-00-017-28119 | Provider #0001, TAR
  • Statutory Acts and Contingency Planning - This course will cover three distinct pieces of critical information related to property management and leasing, including Texas laws that impact leasing and property management, developing a plan in the wake of natural disasters and emergencies, and identifying personal safety risks whether at the office or in the field. This course is worth 3 CEs and takes place on May 26. TREC# 03-00-017-28118 | Provider #0001, TAR

Detailed course descriptions can be found on the Academy webpage.

ABoR in Cedar Park and ABoR South courses:

  • RENE: The Power Negotiator's Playbook (2-day certification) - The Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE) helps real estate professionals sharpen their negotiation skills and provides them with the tips and tools needed to advocate for their clients. This course is worth 16 CE credits and takes place at ABoR South on May 15 and 16TREC #28400 and #30271 | Provider #0001, TAR
  • Agent Investor 101 and 102 - The Agent Investor courses provides a basic understanding of real estate investing for the agent in creating a personal portfolio as well as working with residential real estate investor clients. Award-winning instructor Reba Saxon teaches both courses, which are held at ABoR North in Cedar Park on May 22. Each course is worth 4 CEs. TREC# 04-00-067-28994 | Provider #0127, ABoR and TREC# 04-00-067-28995 | Provider #0127, ABoR
  • Broker Responsibility - The purpose of this course is to address the regulatory aspects of the management, operation, and supervision of a real estate brokerage firm in Texas. Areas covered include: property management, risk reduction, and fiduciary responsibilities. This course is required for designated brokers and delegated supervisors of one or more license holders (for six months or more during the supervisor’s current license period). Attend Broker Responsibility at ABoR South on May 23 and receive 3 CEs. TREC# 31450 | Provider #0127, ABoR

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