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In our Special Mid-Year Edition of Austin REALTOR®, ABoR Board of Directors Stacy Bass, Steve Crorey and John Crowe shared industry insights, fun facts about themselves, and advice for REALTORS® like you. In this blog post, you'll find expanded, exclusive content from those interviews! Learn more about your Board members below.

Stacy Bass
2016-2018 Director

Stacy Bass, Sky Realty

Tell us a little about your day job and any local markets or housing segments you specialize in.

I specialize in the South Austin, Dripping Springs, Driftwood, and Wimberley markets, having lived in the Wimberley and Driftwood areas for almost 30 years now. I have also owned homes and had offices in South, East, and North Austin since the early 90s, so I have a very good overall knowledge of the Austin metro area as well.

Where is your go-to meeting place or coffee shop?

I love to go to Twisted X Brewery, Fall Creek Vineyard, or to any place that allows me to bring my dog, Boo, a Bouvier. As for coffee, I think you can’t beat Anderson’s coffee that we serve at my home in Driftwood and enjoy while watching the deer, foxes, painted buntings, and other wildlife from our porch. If you are a coffee lover and have not gone to Anderson’s, you must put this on your “must do” list.

What is your advice for new REALTORS® just beginning their career? (If a broker, new brokers beginning their brokerage)?

This is a perfectly timed question for me. I have always owned my own business since starting my real estate/appraisal career in my early 20s. I recommend that everyone who has the calling to do their own thing and walk to their own beat give it a try. I “tried” it for almost 30 years and then this past November I decided to join Sky Realty. This was a huge change for me, not only in giving up control of my business to someone else but realizing that I could be much better at what I do if I gave up on some of the things that were holding me back. It was a very scary move for me after all these years but I am so glad I did it.

What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know?

I was an NCAA Division I soccer goalkeeper. I believe I may have been the shortest goalkeeper (at 5’3”) ever to play at this level. I spent a little time in Europe playing soccer and even considered playing pro ball for a brief time until I came to my senses and came home and went back to school in the late 80s.

I also have a love for all things Bouvier Des Flandres (or ‘dogs of Flanders’). I currently have two Bouviers, Willie and Boo. I have bred and showed this wonderful breed all over the country for almost 20 years, including at the Westminster Kennel Club Show in New York City. Just a tidbit of info on my breed…when you see the next Star Wars movie, look at the Wookie and then look at a Bouvier, you will see George Lucas stole the Wookie from the Bouviers (not kidding). They even talk back like the famous Chewbacca character.

What industry trends should our members be paying attention to?

I believe we are going to see a huge divide in our profession between what I call “Rent-A-REALTOR®” firms and full-service brokerages. It will be very interesting to see how both models service consumers and maintain their relevance.

It’s also so important to become an official REALTOR® and abide by our Code of Ethics. I would love to see the amount of classroom education go up, do away with online classes for many of our required courses, and require a minimum number of apprenticeship hours before an agent could buy or sell real estate on their own. If we raise the bar for entry into our wonderful profession, we would raise the quality of the REALTORS® in our state and maybe raise the level of consumer respect and appreciation for what we bring to the table.

What's your favorite thing about Austin/Central Texas?

My wife Chris and I, are huge foodies and love all the wonderful opportunities in Austin, whether it's fine dining or great food trucks. You can find us most weekend nights dining at one of our old favorites like Jeffrey’s or Clark’s Oyster Bar.

Steve Crorey
2018 Board President

Steve Crorey, Sierra Homes Realty

Tell us a little about your day job and any local markets or housing segments you specialize in.

Well, this year is pretty busy for me! Being Board President takes about 20-30 hours a week. There are many meetings, emails, conferences, media requests, and board commitments to handle on a daily basis. I am also managing Broker for Sierra Homes Realty and owner of Sierra Homes Project & Design. My agents are all over Austin, but I like to focus primarily on the Northwest Austin residential market. I'm pretty much in Northwest Austin most days.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?

When I have some extra time, you can probably find me at the gym, cycling the hike and bike trails, scuba diving or taking camping trips in my retro RV. I enjoy going up to Colorado a few times a year and one day soon, plan to split shift my life there and here. I also volunteer with several local charity groups like Meals on Wheels (weekly for 25 years) and Habitat for Humanity. One of my top priorities as Board President is forging a strong connection between our Association and philanthropic opportunities.

What industry trends should our members be paying attention to?

With technology rapidly changing all things real estate, your credentials as a REALTOR® – a "real estate advisor" – to your clients will become more important. Real estate is personal. There will always be a new way, a flashy app or even shiny new models on how it all should look. But it will always come back to you as a real estate professional and a person who helps guide your clients down a path. Your services and expertise are valuable! Work that always.

What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know?

Spontaneity. I like to go on long road trips without much planning. Last holiday, I traveled to Colorado, Moab, Utah, New Mexico, and all points in between.  Short of a few needed stops, I love to be somewhat unstructured in my life and wing each day. I love talking to strangers. I like to stay longer, take in the views, and enjoy each moment with friends and my sweet golden retriever, Meadow. Oh, and I have peacocks I hand feed twice a day at my house. Love them, although not the presents they leave on my porch! 🙂

Where is your go-to meeting place/coffee shop?

I love meeting at my office or at a few coffee shops. I find the Starbucks on Mopac/2222 is pretty convenient and there’s nothing wrong with a Tex-Mex lunch a few times a week! Join me?

What do you love most about Austin/Central Texas?

I truly love the vibe of the city and its people. While Austin is constantly growing, it still maintains a small town feel. You can feel it the moment you step off a plane at our airport or when meeting Austin's friendly folks everywhere you go. I think people in Austin strive to make this a good place to live. I know I do! Be nice, help others, and enjoy each day! That's what makes a good city.

What is your advice for new REALTORS® just beginning their career?

It's not a race to the finish line. Don't worry about the pace of others or trying to keep up with top producers — it will all come to you. Work on your skills and focus on making the industry better. Lastly, remember to be fair and ethical towards your peers.

John Crowe
2018-2019 Director

Tell us a little about your day job and any local markets or housing segments you specialize in.

I primarily work in Central Austin, inside the freeways. I live in the Shoalmont neighborhood, wedged between Rosedale and Allandale, which gives me an advantage in keeping current on the action in the surrounding neighborhoods. However, I really enjoy when clients take me outside this space. Last year, I had three transactions in Henly (past Dripping Springs) and one in Bertram. As Austin grows, more people are looking outside the traditional boundaries for great communities and an opportunity to pioneer and get in early.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?

I spend as much time with my family as possible. Real estate is an interesting and rewarding profession, yet we still work around the schedules of clients. I have two young kids, so trips to the park, soccer games, swimming, and the Thinkery are all in the general rotation. My “date days” are a lot of fun: At least once a month, I like to have a fellas’ lunch with my son and a daddy date with my daughter; more frequently, my wife and I enjoy eating at one of the many great restaurants in Austin. I also like to read, particularly books on the history of the southwest U.S.

What’s your favorite thing about Austin/Central Texas?

I love the character and history of our area. When I first moved here, I’d take trips to the smaller towns to enjoy Texas barbecue like Louis Mueller in Taylor; Kreuz Market, Smitty’s Market, and Black’s BBQ in Lockhart; City Market in Luling; or Cooper’s BBQ in Llano and Mason. I can get fantastic barbecue in Austin proper today, although nothing beats the charm of the people and the town squares of these places. The road trips are relatively short and, if headed through the Hill Country, good for the eyes and soul as well.

What industry trends should our members be paying attention to?

Pay attention to the money being spent to disrupt the traditional brokerage model under the guise of helping the consumers. It’s hundreds of millions of dollars spent on marketing and technology. The marketing is nice, yet it’s tech that will change our profession. I’m an optimist and feel pretty secure knowing that the complexity and intimacy involved in the purchase or sale of most homes mean consumers will want and need an advocate. Those open to change and learning will adapt to the new world.

What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know?

After graduating college, I moved to Lost Angeles and rented a place in Marina del Rey with a bunch of roommates. The previous tenant was an actress best known for her role in Dirty Dancing – Cynthia Rhodes. She also played Penny, Johnny Castle’s (P. Swayze, people!) main dance partner. We received a lot of mail, many with her headshots and a request for an autograph. Most of the mail was from Europe, so I guess it played as well there as it did in the States!

What is your advice for new REALTORS® just beginning their career?

Find an agent you like and is successful, and take him or her out to lunch or coffee. Take the time to ask questions such as "How did you start?" "Where do find your clients?" "What would you do differently if starting your business today?" "Can I have a copy of your buyer and listing presentations?"

When it comes to lead generation, if you find that you aren't fond of a particular method, I suggest to stop doing it. Find a method you like and focus on being the best at that. Lastly, write and track your goals, whether they consist of the number of transactions to your desired projected income.

When you have a meeting to plan, what's your go-to place?

I prefer the office to keep the environment clutter-free. If not in the office, Central Market Café is great as long the meeting time is not during the lunch hour or weekends. Monkey Nest on Burnet is fairly quiet and comfortable.


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