Picture of Photo of Sebastian Ciceri

Sebastian Ciceri

Sebastian is a focused, attentive and highly adaptable member services professional. He specializes in supporting both small and large teams, with a strong commitment to service, creativity and achieving objectives. 

As a member services associate, Sebastian assists MLS subscribers in resolving all MLS-related business inquiries from account to technical level. He recognizes that not all people are comfortable with technology and he is always happy to provide direction to those that need it. Sebastian also mentors new team members and guides them in identifying best practices that work for them. 

He has a background in desktop helpdesk and has real estate experience from buying and selling homes. Since moving to Austin from California, Sebastian has really enjoyed the natural beauty of Austin, as well as the diversity of its residents’ backgrounds and lifestyles. He also appreciates the abundance of business opportunities that central Texas provides. In his free time, Sebastian also works as a freelance bassist, music composer and video editor.