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2018 Roster

Jennifer Archambeault - Chair
Urban Provision REALTORS®

Sandy Bednar - Vice Chair
Distinct Austin Properties

Steven Crossland - Past Chair
Keller Williams Realty

Brandy Guthrie
Sky Realty

Jonathan Boatwright
Realty Austin - Headquarters

Bill Morris
RE/MAX Capital City

Ryan Rodenbeck
Spyglass Realty and Investment

Lisa Contaldi
Intero Real Estate Services

Donna Harris
JP and Associates REALTORS®

Jeffrey Schnabel
Realty Austin

Mendy Clark
Simply Violet Real Estate, LLC

Stan Martin - Staff Executive
Austin Board of REALTORS®








2018 MLS Advisory Committee

Committee Type: Steering Committee
Steering committee that serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors regarding MLS policies, ACTRIS data use, AustinHomeSearch, and new partnerships and collaborations that deliver service to ABoR members.  Steering Committees meet monthly or as needed.

Chair: Jennifer Archambeault
Vice Chair: Sandy Bednar

Mission Statement: To serve in a consultative and advisory capacity to the Board of Directors with respect to promoting an orderly marketplace, technology that benefits and empowers REALTORS® and their clients, and the development of strategies that leverage listing data in new and innovative ways.

Strategic Objectives:

  1. Monitor and respond to changes in the industry that affect data use policy and the ethical and responsible dissemination of listing property information.
  2. Ensure ACTRIS Rules and Regulations are relevant and correlate with mandated NAR policy regarding data use and display.
  3. Develop policies and review strategies that enhance the consumer-facing website AustinHomeSearch to add value for REALTORS®.
  4. Monitor the testing, exploration, and development of new products that benefit the membership.
  5. Serve as ambassadors to promote the strategic vision for an orderly marketplace and technology: ABoR empowers REALTORS® and their clients by connecting them to the market’s most complete, accurate, and up-to-date listing data.


  1. Review and recommend data use policy as it relates to the ethical and responsible dissemination of listing property information. Data use policy can include issues regarding syndication, IDX, data licensing agreements, NAR policy, and ACTRIS Rules and Regulations relating to data licensing.
  2. Review ACTRIS Rules and Regulations and recommend policy revisions as needed.
  3. Review and make recommendations on policy regarding violations and subsequent fines.
  4. Research and deliver new tools to enhance the REALTORS® ability to remain relevant to the consumer through the consumer-facing website, AustinHomeSearch.
  1. Explore and seek opportunities to cooperate with neighboring and national REALTOR® MLSs to strategically deliver service to ABoR members.
  2. Research and deliver strategies that leverage listing data and alternative data sets for the benefit of members.
  3. Participate in the evaluation and validation of technology through the use of focus groups in an effort to identify developments in the industry that benefit the membership.
  4. Evaluate the potential financial impact of new technology, alternative MLS Models of operation, and the maintenance and development of core MLS operating systems to provide optimal delivery of services.

Board Committee Principles:
Board committees, when used, will be assigned so as to minimally interfere with the wholeness of the board’s job and so as never to interfere with delegation from board to CEO.

  1. Board committees are to help the board do its job, not to help the staff do its jobs. Committees ordinarily will assist the board by preparing policy alternatives and implications for board deliberation. Board committees are not to be created by the board to advise staff.
  2. Board committees may not speak or act for the board except when formally given such authority for specific and time limited purposes. Expectations and authority will be carefully stated in order not to conflict with authority delegated to the chief executive.
  3. Board committees cannot exercise authority over staff. Because the chief executive works for the full board, the CEO will not be required to obtain approval of a board committee before an executive action. In keeping with the board’s broader focus, board committees will normally not have direct dealings with current staff operations.
  4. Board committees are to avoid over-identification with organizational parts rather than the whole. Therefore, a board committee which has helped the board create policy on some topic will not be used to monitor organizational performance on that same subject.
  5. This policy applies only to committees which are formed by board action, whether or not the committees include non-board members. It does not apply to committees formed under the authority of the chief executive.

Committee Guidelines:

  1. The committee must follow the policies and values of the organization.
  2. Committee members must be REALTOR® members of ACTRIS.
  3. The committee cannot conduct business without a quorum of committee members present (more than 50%).
  4. A volunteer committee member is automatically removed after 3 absences from regularly scheduled meetings. This provision may be waived by super majority ¾ vote of the entire committee (when ¾ of committee members is not a whole number, the required vote to retain the member is rounded up to the next higher whole number).
  5. Members are required to attend all meetings, to arrive on time and stay for the duration of meetings. If a situation requires their departure, the member will be recorded as absent if not in attendance for at least ¾ of the meeting.
  6. All members are subject to censure at the direction of the Board of Directors, under the Volunteer Commitment Agreement.
  7. The Committee, with a super majority ¾ vote, may censure or remove members of the Committee. Any discussion or action of censuring should be conducted during a “closed meeting.”
  8. The committee may consult with ABoR legal counsel through their Staff Executive or the Board President as needed.
  9. The Committee Chair has the authority to create a subcommittee or task force with approval by the Board of Directors
  10. The Committee Chair may recommend that the task force or Subcommittee be dissolved once it is determined that the project is complete. This action must be approved by the BOD under the minutes of the Committee.
  11. One of the duties of a Committee member arising from their fiduciary duty to the association is the duty of loyalty.  One aspect of this duty expects Committee members to keep confidential issues confidential.  Committee members will have access to information, that if revealed to outsiders, could be damaging or sensitive to other members or staff, harmful to the best interests of the organization, or even create legal liability.  Information provided to the committee may concern personnel, financial, contractual, membership or legal matters.  It will often be confidential and is intended for use in decision making and governance.  Committee members agree that such information shall be held in the strictest of confidence and shall not be divulged to any outside party, including other members, without authorization of the board President or CEO.  This confidentiality agreement survives the member’s service on the committee.
  12. Electronic Votes:

For electronic considerations, the Board of Directors requires a valid process be followed for electronic votes.

  • All communication/votes in reference to an electronic vote shall be cc’d to all
    Committee Members
  • Each Committee Member shall cast their vote by 5:00 pm the day after distribution of the electronic consideration
  • No response shall be counted as an “abstention”
  • The day following the completion of an electronic vote, staff or Committee Chair shall report the roll call vote to all Committee Members
  • All Committee Members shall confirm their vote by end of day when the roll call vote is offered
  • If a Committee Member does not confirm his/her vote, the Committee Members vote shall be considered correct.
  • No Committee or Association Action shall be taken until the entire vote is confirmed.

Operational Guidelines


  1. Regularly scheduled meetings of the MLS Committee will be published in advance.
  2. Special called meetings of the MLS Committee may be held with notice.

Committee Structure:

The MLS Committee shall consist of REALTOR® members of ACTRIS as outlined below:


  1. The committee shall consist of at least nine (9) and not more than thirteen (13) members. Current members of the MLS Operations Committee and the MLS Strategic Policy Committee will make-up the Committee structure until the number of desired members is met through expiration of existing terms.
  2. The committee members shall be appointed by the ABOR Board of Directors.
  3. The committee shall consist of Designated REALTORS or corporate officers of the company (see exceptions below).
  4. There will be at least two (2) large companies represented, two (2) mid-size companies, two (2) small companies, one (1) ABoR Director appointment who had completed 1-term on the board of directors or has MLS Advisory Committee experience, and two (2) at large members. The at large member, and the Board of Director appointee is not required to be a Designated REALTOR or corporate officer, and may fall into any of the above categories.
  5. A large independent firm is defined as 50+ agents, mid-size firm as 10 - 49 agents, and small firm being less than 10 agents.
  6. Terms for committee members who are also current members of the ABoR Board of Directors will run concurrently with ABoR Board of Directors’ terms, provided, however, that the term of a committee member who serves as the Chair or Vice-Chair shall be extended as necessary for such person to fulfill the duties as Chair.
  7. Committee members who serve on the MLS Committee due to their status as members of the ABoR Board of Directors must reapply to serve as a committee member once their term on the ABoR Board of Directors has expired.
  1. Not more than two (2) members may be employed by or affiliated with any one (1) company and not more than one (1) committee member may be primarily based in or assigned to the same office. If a sitting committee member joins an office where there is already one (1) committee member employed or affiliated, such committee member shall automatically resign at the end of the calendar year.
  1. The committee Chair and Vice Chair will be appointed by the Board of Directors. The Board may choose to appoint the Chair and Vice Chair from the roster of current applicants. The Vice Chair can become Chair the following year at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  2. Each committee member shall serve for a term of three (3) years, with the terms of three (3) members expiring every year, with the exception of the one (1) year term of the Past Chair of the MLS Committee.
  3. No committee member shall be eligible to serve more than two (2) consecutive full three (3) year terms except in cases as noted above, and unless otherwise provided, a committee member may not serve on the MLS Committee in any combination of capacities in excess of eight (8) years. A committee member who has served more than five (5) years on the MLS Committee shall not be eligible to be selected to serve as Vice-Chair. Committee members who serve for less than three (3) full calendar years shall be deemed to have served one (1) full term.
  4. A vacancy on the MLS Committee may, but need not necessarily, be filled by the Board of Directors.

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