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Come Tuesday, June 13, the new Matrix Client Portal will whisk your clients into the future—or rather—the present. The Matrix Client Portal has finally updated to a responsive design and we’re proud to present the upgrade for you and your clients.

Hello, Matrix 7.0

Goodbye, Mobile Portal

The updated interface and displays will no longer have your clients squinting, sighing, and shaking for a better MLS home search experience. With the new, responsive Client Portal, the “Mobile Portal” will no longer be necessary—it will disappear like the wind. We’ll wait while you grab a tissue.

Fortunately, in this case, your clients have gained by subtraction. They’ll still receive the same email and URL when you send them listings via direct email and/or auto-email, but when they click to view the listings from a mobile device, they’re going to see the exact same home screen they see on the desktop. And that’s a beautiful experience.

Map View mobile
Map View on mobile
List View mobile
List View on mobile
Gallery View mobile
Gallery View on mobile
Portal Menu mobile
Portal Menu on mobile
Message Menu mobile
Messages Menu on mobile

A Parade of Updated Displays

A facelift to all of the search displays—Map View, List View, and Gallery View—complete the other part of the new Client Portal equation. Each of these gives your clients a contemporary format to scan listings.

Map View    


List View

Gallery View

Searching for the Answers

Speaking of new displays, the search display breathes new life into your clients’ searches. Reminder: any saved searches will appear in the “My Searches” menu for you to view when you open their BCC Portal.

Search display menu Client Portal
New search display menu

A Crowd Favorite

The garnish on this new Client Portal recipe is saving (or discarding) properties your clients view in the Portal. Each listing will have a heart icon—click the heart to reveal its hopes and dreams, aka the option to save the listing a “Favorite,” “Possibility,” or to “Discard” it.

Reminder: any tagged properties will appear in the “Favorites” menu for you to view when you open their BCC Portal.

The new Client Portal is launching on Tuesday, June 13. Share these tips and the video above with your clients to show them how great the future—or rather the present—will be.


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