President's Update: ACTRIS MLS Becomes Co-Owner of Remine

ACTRIS MLS has made the headlines again! In October, ACTRIS joined First Multiple Listing Service in Atlanta, Heartland MLS in Kansas City, and MIAMI REALTORS® in an exciting collaboration to form MLS Technology Holdings, which has wholly acquired Remine. Remine partners with MLSs and Associations across North America to deliver modern real estate technology that creates transparency in the real estate transaction and inspires trust between the real estate agents and consumers they serve.

Not only will MLS Technology Holdings and Remine give us a voice to help develop MLS technology of the future, but I believe this move encompasses every one of our ACTRIS strategic visions. Let’s talk about how this collaboration will open the door for future real estate technology, give you a seat at the table in that process, and ultimately benefit your business.

Deliver Unparalleled Market Data

This endeavor hedges against the growing uncertainty in our industry and enables us to continue delivering unparalleled market data with a voice in the process. Remine is known for its property intelligence platform that combines MLS data, public records, and predictive analytics in an advanced map-based interface that can help agents find new business opportunities. As co-owners of Remine, ACTRIS subscribers will now have a front-row seat to help us further develop this already incredible platform, with multiple opportunities to share feedback and ideas for the MLS you want to see. Stay tuned for opportunities to provide feedback for Remine’s MLS products next year.

Expand Strategically
If the collaboration and acquisition wasn’t impressive enough, ACTRIS and ABoR CEO Emily Chenevert has been named Chair of the MLS Technology Holdings, LLC Board of Directors, which is comprised of seasoned executives with over 120 years of collective experience in real estate technology and investments. We have the best and brightest industry experts dedicated to keeping you empowered in the real estate transaction. Through this endeavor, we are strategically expanding our knowledge and influence across the real estate industry to pave the way for MLSs of the future.

Embrace Innovation
We strongly believe in having a stake in the development of emerging real estate technologies. and bold investments are not new to us. We have previously invested in MLS Grid and are a pilot association for the rollout of NAR’s local REACH Program. The decision to become a partner in MLS Technology Holdings and invest in Remine will continue to grow our footprint as a progressive organization that leads the way for technology innovation. With this investment in Remine, we are placing ourselves at the forefront of emerging MLS solutions and reducing our dependency on vendors to develop the right solutions for you, your business, and the consumers you serve.

Champion Operational Agility

It’s long-since been our vision to offer multiple MLS front ends of choice and opportunities like this put us one step closer toward our goal. We believe in championing operational agility to deliver technological solutions that improve you and your clients’ experience. By having a hand in the technological side of our industry, we are opening ourselves up to a unique perspective and opportunity to allow for an agile, rapid response to industry trends and demands. This collaboration of technology built by MLSs, for MLSs, has made waves across the industry, and not only are we setting a new standard for our operations, but we are positioning ourselves as an influencer to many other associations and MLSs across the country.

While we are very excited about this development, we are committed to maintaining the same high-quality MLS services and support ACTRIS subscribers currently receive. ACTRIS will not be involved in day-to-day operations of Remine, and there won’t be any disruption to our existing MLS solutions. Not to mention, ACTRIS recently onboarded a robust team of MLS experts to help you make the most of the MLS products and benefits you receive as a Subscriber.

If you’re not already using Remine Pro, we encourage you to take advantage of this incredible business tool. As we look toward this bright and exciting future, your voice and speaking up for the real estate technology you need is more important than ever before.

  • This article previously ran in RealtyLine Austin's November edition.