President's Update: Staying on Top of the Market

With the constant buzz surrounding the housing market and the multitude of conflicting opinions, it has become increasingly crucial for ABoR to be the trusted source of accurate real estate information. That's why I am excited to report that ABoR has reached a significant milestone in the hiring of our very own in-house expert: Dr. Clare Losey, the first-ever Housing Economist at ABoR!

In an era where real estate decisions are shaped by ever-changing economic factors, having an economist at our fingertips allows us to cut through the noise and provide you and your clients with an insightful and reliable perspective on Austin's housing market and economy. With Dr. Losey's expertise and guidance, ABoR empowers you to stay on top of the market.

And to better help you stay informed of market trends, ABoR recently launched a new member benefit – Driving It Home, a weekly interview featuring Dr. Losey. Every Tuesday, members receive an email with the interview explaining the week’s need-to-know trends so that you can be caught up on the market before you finish your morning drive.

Driving It Home is the first of several new economic reports & market resources coming your way soon – all part of your ABoR membership! ABoR has also started releasing its flagship Central Texas Housing Market Report earlier in the month, and they are continuing to develop additional research and reports, including a Rent Vs. Buy Index that will drop next month.

These annual research reports are invaluable tools that unlock the opportunity for you to stay ahead in the ever-evolving real estate landscape. By utilizing the insights and analysis provided in these reports, you can enhance your decision-making, offer informed guidance to your clients, and leverage the unique opportunities presented by the Central Texas market. ABoR is committed to supporting your success as a real estate professional and ensuring that you have access to the knowledge necessary to thrive. If you haven’t already seen them, I encourage you to read and share ABoR’s previous reports, such as the Central Texas Housing Fees Analysis Report released last July and the 2022 International Home Buyers Report.

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget the abundance of MLS tools and benefits also at your disposal to keep you the source of real estate information for your own clients. Outside of the MLS, Remine Pro and RPR® are the two most critical tools that you have access to. There is no tool like Remine right now, with its incredible farming capabilities and analysis of on and off-market data. Meanwhile, RPR® has massively improved MLS access in the field with its recently updated mobile app. In addition to a top-notch CMA tool, RPR® Mobile connects you quickly with powerful data, tools, and reports in the field. Together, these tools can be lifelines for staying on top of the market. You can sign up for a FREE training at and access both Remine and RPR® on your Clareity dashboard.

Join Us for Central Texas Housing Summit in July
Save the date for ABoR’s Central Texas Housing Summit on Wednesday, July 26, from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. The Housing Summit offers a unique opportunity to hear discussions and presentations on the regional housing market, gain valuable insights, and network with industry experts. Join us as we explore the current housing landscape, economic trends, and potential solutions for a vibrant and sustainable housing market in Central Texas. For more details and to register, visit

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