Reading Between the Prop 7 Ballot Lines

Believe it or not, there was a time when you could get from North to South Austin in 30 min. During that same time, 1st St. was considered a hidden gem and Lamar Blvd. felt like a Sunday drive. Life was good. We couldn’t complain.

Today, however, is much different. Let’s face it; there is no longer such a thing as a “joyride” in Austin, and our Sunday drives feel like every other day—only not as fun. Regardless of continued plans for highway expansions and toll roads across (and outside) the city, traffic continues to be a nightmare. It’s time to wake up—Proposition 7 is the best option we have to get Austin moving.

What is Prop 7?

The State Highway Fund hasn’t received the support necessary to keep up with the booming Texas population. Proposition 7 would dedicate over $2 billion in already-collected tax revenue towards our roads and infrastructure to secure funding for long-term transportation projects.

3 Reasons to Vote For Prop 7

  • More funding for roads: Prop 7 will set aside $2.5 billion to make Texas roads better and safer, avoiding toll road construction as a solution.
  • Long-term solutions: Prop 7 will develop a transportation strategy so projects can be managed efficiently at low costs.
  • Eliminates higher taxes: The Prop 7 money comes from existing funds, NOT new costs for taxpayers.

A Few FAQs

Q: Where are we going to get $2.5 billion to pay for this?

A: The money will come from existing sales tax revenue in the State’s funds, with additional funds coming from existing motor vehicle sales and rental tax revenues.

Q: If Prop 7 takes $2.5 billion from our sales tax revenue, does that mean our sales taxes are going to go up?

A: NO. Prop 7 will not raise sales taxes. It takes already existing revenue from sales taxes and sets it aside for this specific use—namely, a fund that can be used for road projects and efficient planning.

Q: Will this take money away from other government funds?

A: No. Prop 7 will not reduce (or reallocate money from) any other government funding.

For more information on Prop 7, visit

Vote “Yes” on Prop 7!

Early Voting (Travis County and Williamson County locations) is going on now through Friday, October 30.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3.

Image and content via Texans for Prop 7.


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