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This is a Game-Changer

On Tuesday, October 29, we'll be adding Remine Pro to your selection of ACTRIS subscriber benefits. Remine will shift your entire mindset about what MLS technology can be, merging MLS data, off-market data, and predictive sales analytics into one platform.

We believe you'll be truly wowed when you see all that Remine Pro can do for you, your business, and your clients. Check out the video below to get a look at this FREE subscriber benefit!

Become a Remine Pro Expert!

The following overview only scratches the surface of what Remine Pro can do for your business. ABoR and Remine will be partnering to provide ACTRIS subscribers with training options that will make you a Remine Pro expert in no time.

Get started on the right foot as we launch by signing up for a Remine Pro training with our Remine Pro experts. Whether you prefer the in-person engagement or the convenience of a webinar, your thirst for knowledge will be quenched!

On-Site Training: We'll be hosting multiple, in-person training opportunities at each of our locations during launch week, as well as an additional training that will be hosted by Supreme Lending on October 31. Spots are limited for these sessions, so book your spot ASAP!

  • October 29 | 9:00 to 10:30 AM |ABoR HQ | RSVP
  • October 29 | 2:00 to 3:30 PM | ABoR HQ | RSVP
  • October 30 | 9:00 to 10:30 AM | ABoR South | RSVP
  • October 30 | 2:00 to 3:30 PM | ABoR South | RSVP
  • October 31 | 2:00 to 3:30 PM | Supreme Lending | RSVP
  • November 1 | 9:00 to 10:30 AM | ABoR North | RSVP
  • November 1 | 2:00 to 3:30 PM | ABoR North | RSVP

Webinars: Can't make it to an on-site training during launch week? We've got you covered! Sign up for an ACTRIS-exclusive webinar that works with your schedule. Spoiler: We have several to choose from.

Can't wait until October 29 to learn more? Read up on Remine Pro below to learn what all of the buzz is about.

Remine Pro: A Hot Cup of Real-T

In its simplest form, Remine Pro is a robust farming tool that combines consumer and property data to provide real estate agents and clients alike with a comprehensive view of a property. Enabling REALTORS® to connect with home buyers, sellers, and lenders on a single platform, Remine Pro makes it easier than ever to collaborate with others throughout the transaction process.

Upon logging into Remine Pro, agents will see their daily dashboard. Think of the dashboard as your command deck. Here, you can access centralized market insights/analytics, personalize your dashboard, add "Quick Action" buttons, and control the weather! Okay, so you can't control the weather, but you can monitor weather in specific zip codes.

Hello, Remine Pro Daily Dashboard!

Core Tenets: Search, Carts, Engage


Redefining MLS technology as we know it, Remine Pro's unique Search capabilities enable you to quickly and efficiently filter searches when you add/subtract map layers to conduct a specialized search. Did we mention that the search can include both on market AND off-market property data?

As an agent, you can choose from the following map layers (plus, some other fun ones) to get the most accurate data to share with your clients:

  • Property Value (AVM)
  • Home Equity
  • Ownership Type/Time
  • Sell Score
  • Flood Zone
  • Building Type

Remine CMA 360SM

What's more, agents can perform a Remine CMA 360SM of a property, making it the only comparative market analysis that compares MLS and off-market data. A truly out-of-this-world feature, Remine CMA 360SM provides you with schools, valuation, demographics, MLS, mortgage history, and associated people like owners and renters. And, if that weren't enough, Remine Pro allows you to print out professional reports for your clients.


The Search page also allows you to set up Carts and saved searches for yourself, as well as for your clients, so you can help clients keep track of those properties that caught their eye. The best part about this feature is that, as a Remine Pro user, you can have up to 10,000 properties in your cart!


Much like a CRM, Remine Pro allows you to Engage your clients in a sleek, user-friendly interface. So, whether your clients are buying, selling, or just curious, Remine Pro makes it easy for you to collaborate and produce actionable solutions for any and all inquiries that they might have.


Once you're ready to invite your clients to start StepOne of their Remine journey, your invitation will send an email to those individuals, prompting them to register for Regardless of whether a client registers on a desktop or via a mobile device, the experience is essentially the same. StepOne gives you, the agent, the ability to:

  • Verify client identity using a phone number, DOB, and zip code
  • Provide client with score and full credit report
  • Set up saved search(es)

Note: While agents can request a complete Equifax credit report through Remine Pro, you will only be able to view a ranking of your client's score, e.g. "Excellent," "Good," "Fair," "Poor"

For more on Remine Pro, including training opportunities, receive updates via, our @ACTRIS_MLS Twitter account, and our ACTRIS ACCESS monthly subscriber email. Schedule your training now to become a Remine Pro expert, and let us know what you think about this new subscriber benefit at


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