Robin Rhoads

Robin Rhoads Changemaker With Line


Robin Rhoads strives to create the best experience for her clients by building a community she can rely on.

On Building Connections

One of the things I try to do is know the community, as a whole. So, for me, it’s picking up the local newspaper, reading about current event and business openings in Community Impact Newspaper, and staying up to date on news and information in our city. And that's partially from the exposure of my media background but, honestly, that’s how you're going to start those conversations with new contacts.  Someone casually mentions a top-of-mind topic and you have a chance to jump in and say, “Oh yeah, Tesla is coming to the Del Valle area, adding 4,000 new jobs…” Or, “Have you seen the new Slaughter H-E-B that just opened?” Truly, it helps set you apart as a resource and brings value to the conversation.

On Networking

It is sort of like an ever-expanding family tree full of branches. If you were to go back to where the roots are, the tiny shoots, the new branches…it's the little conversations that you have with people, over time, little by little. The tree grows. Whether it’s reaching out to someone to grab a quick cup of coffee or going by to visit new home builders, each opportunity you seed expands your canopy until you have enough support to offer a lending hand to others in our industry.

But the key is you have to show up. There is no way around accountability. So, when people ask, “How did you get your new listing?” or “How did you get the new buyer referral?”— I would say it’s because I went looking for them. Unfortunately, new clients don’t always show up on your doorstep. Offer to volunteer, help a friend or neighbor, get involved in activities you like. And just try and do as much as possible, especially now.

On Creating Your Team

I do have a “dream team” that includes title, mortgage, insurance, and a contractor. And when you’re confident with the people who you work with, and you have good people who you like, have similar personalities to you, and who are accountable, then you are golden. I love building connections that way… because we should never lose sight that buying or selling a home will be the biggest transaction in your client’s lifetime. Some of the time you can't control who you’re working with, especially when a multiple offer is on the table, but if you can help navigate the direction, nine out of 10 times, it’s smooth. When everybody works together, seamlessly, and the end result is happy homeowners, it makes it all worth it.

On Growing

Definitely seek an active agent or broker or someone who can inspire you; a mentor you can rely on for accountability and advice…and show up to everything you can, especially if it's offered for free. Then get to work on building that network by surrounding yourself with people you want to be like. Soak it all in and don’t be afraid to throw your hand up in the air and ask for help.

It takes a bit of time, sure. But you can say the same about owning a small business; you have to weather the storm, and there's will be some storms… Real estate is amazing; I can’t imagine my life without it or ever doing anything else. But it’s not easy; you have to work at it daily. It’s a lifestyle and becomes part of your identity. If networking comes naturally to you — whether you enjoy knowing your neighbors or being in the book club with friends — your real estate career is definitely going to be a lot easier. Our business is really to think about others and in a way that sets us apart.