Scrubbing Contacts & Saved Searches in Matrix

The sales season is heating up, and there’s no time like the present to clear out the data detritus that is old auto emails and saved searches. Of course, it’s always good to stay on top of this throughout the year, but if you’re a heavy hitter that’s always working with new clients, then it can be especially helpful to log into Matrix periodically and clear out any unnecessary or outdated items.

Now, there are a couple of reasons to keep your contacts and saved searches from cluttering up, but the one we want to drive home pertains to the preservation of quality data. Like most online platforms, Matrix frequently undergoes standard updates to make its processes more efficient and its search capabilities more robust. As a result, these updates can sometimes affect the life of a saved search or auto email.

How do updates affect my data?

Great question! As fields in the MLS evolve over time to better support an agent’s query, the ability of an older search to turn up quality data is essentially compromised. While you’ll still turn up promising results, however, the older search may just provide different results than you expected. Just like we need to shower or bathe to maintain good personal hygiene, so too does the MLS – Matrix just needs a helping hand to get at all the hard to reach spots.

Although updates may not interfere with contacts, per se, your contacts are still tied to saved searches and auto emails; plus, they live in the same place as your Saved Searches and Auto Emails and clearing out inactive Contacts will help you stay organized.

How to clear out old data

  • First, select the My Matrix tab from the ACTRIS MLS menu.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose Contacts so you can see both saved searches and auto emails.

NOTE: You can select either Saved Searches or Auto Email if you want to go through them separately.

  • Next, click the dropdown arrow beside the contact you want to edit and select Delete Contact to remove it from your contacts list.
    • Bonus Tip! Before you delete a contact, you can also EXPORT their information. So you can hold onto the data for the future, when they’re ready to buy, sell, or lease again with you.
  • Similarly, you can select the dropdown arrow next to Saved Searches to view or edit them.
  • From there, simply click on the name of the saved search you want to modify, and then Delete.
  • Pat yourself on the back. You’re done!

Scrubbing contacts and saved searches is fast, easy, and it can go a long way to helping the ACTRIS MLS continue delivering the most accurate and up-to-date data to our subscribers. For more information on cleaning up data in Matrix, watch this MLS Quick Tip video.


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