ABoR Presents: 2020 Speaker Series

ABoR is proud to announce our 2020 Speaker Series, where we connect you with industry leaders, disruptors, and changemakers on the core issues impacting your business.

Speaker Series events are exclusive to ABoR members and are held live through ABoR On Air. Don't miss out, register below to stay at the top of industry topics!

2020 ABoR Speaker Series Schedule

August 21: Homebuyer Preferences Then and Now

Homebuyer preferences have shifted dramatically over the last six months—and there are some important trends you need to know. Vaike O'Grady, Metrostudy-Zonda Austin Regional Director, will share fresh data on Central Texas consumers' top preferences for locations, amenities, and home designs. Vaike will then compare these preferences against what's currently available and being developed across the region, so that you can directly connect your clients to the home they want most. Register here!


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