To Brand, or Not to Brand? Here's the 411 on Virtual vs. Video Tours

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Virtual and video tours are an increasingly critical component of the marketing mix for property listings.

Today's homebuyers have busy schedules and are doing extensive property research online before contacting a REALTOR®. At the same time, growing real estate technology trends are slowly creating the expectation that consumers should be able to interact with a home virtually as well as they can in person.

That's all well and good, of course, but navigating the world of branded and non-branded virtual and video tours can be daunting. The latest edition of our MLS Tips video series explains the differences between Virtual Tours and Video Tours, what “branded” and “non-branded” mean, and where in the world these tours are going!

We threw a lot at you there in just a few minutes, so here’s a recap of what you need to know:

Virtual Tour vs. Video Tour

  • Virtual Tour
    • Slideshow of your listing photos
    • 3-D click-through tours
  • Video Tour
    • Video walkthrough of a property
    • Drone videos

Branded vs. Non-Branded

  • Branded
    • Listing agent name and contact information IS displayed anywhere during the tour
    • Hosted on a domain that includes your agent name, such as
    • Hosted on YOUR YouTube channel that is named after you
  • Non-Branded
    • Does NOT display the agent name or contact information at any point
    • Not used on a branded or personal YouTube channel
    • Note: the listing office can still “present” the listing

Where do these tours go?

  • Branded
  • Non-Branded
    • Agent 1 Page
    • Single-line display
    • Client Portal

With these tips to clarify your next listing tour(s), you’re ready to paint a picture worth well more than a thousand words.

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