Three Game-Changing Ways to Use Remine Pro

As a real estate agent, you juggle data-diving with lead-generation and marketing, not to mention client relationship development. Hey, it’s just what you do. Still, you can’t do it all on your own, and you can't always anticipate the future of your business. That’s why ACTRIS MLS equips agents like you with the tools to enhance your business and stay ahead of the market.

Merging comprehensive data with predictive analytics, Remine Pro takes the guesswork out of the equation and provides workflow solutions that enable you to take control of your business. So far, we’ve only scratched the surface on what this tool can do for you. Take a look at these three game-changing ways to use Remine Pro.

1.) Mix & Match Layers

Remine Pro equips you with public record data (PRD), so you can find key stats and building features without ever having to leave the comfort of the platform. Moreover, Remine Pro’s unique search capabilities allow you to mix and match map layers to optimize your search.

Say you want to assess the likelihood that a property will sell in the near future. As an agent, you have the ability to filter your search by Sell Score, Ownership Time, and Home Equity to gauge the probability that a homeowner could become a prospective seller.

For instance, you could create an area-specific search, select 10-15 years under Ownership Time, add a price range for the Home Equity layer, and choose "high" under Sell Score. From there, you can select the properties that best fit your search criteria. While we're at it, let's go ahead and click Cart at the top right of the page, which segues into game-changer number two.

2.) Create a Campaign

According to NAR, the median expected tenure of homeownership is now 15 years. So, if an agent wants to send mailers to individuals who are considerably more likely to sell in the near future, they could create a cart using the same layers as before to define their target audience.

What’s more, agents get access to Rocket Print & Mail through Remine Pro, making it easier than ever to customize and send mailers. Simply go to your saved cart and choose which addresses you want to include, then click Send Mailers at the top of the page to access the Remine Direct Mail Portal.

Here, you can fill in your name, contact information, and brokerage before proceeding to select the size and quantity of the mailers you’d like to send. The real fun begins once you click Choose A Design. This gives agents the option to choose from one of the following categories:

  • Absentee Owner
  • General Farming
  • Just Listed
  • Just Sold
  • Renter
  • Co-Branded To Include Brokers
  • Open House

For our purposes, we’ve selected General Farming. Next, you can define the address and recipient, as well as the brand theme that supports your brokerage. To further personalize the front of your mailer, add your contact information, company logo, and a background image.

On the backside, you can add your own picture, a few bullet points, and even a customer testimonial to really make your mailer stand out. Once you’ve uploaded your recipient list or labels, you can approve your order and submit, leaving Rocket Print & Mail to do the printing and mailing.

3.) Associated People

Last but certainly not least, Remine Pro allows you to pull information on people associated with a property. That’s right! Gone are the days of buying leads. As long as the property is not currently on the market, you can go to the property profile page and select Associated People at the top to farm for leads.

Remine Pro makes it easier than ever to generate contact information for individuals who are, or who have been, connected to a specific property. And, if that weren't enough, the Associated People feature indicates whether an individual is on the Do Not Call Registry by adding DNC beside their phone number.

Truly a game-changing tool, Remine Pro equips agents with the means to create targeted campaigns using predictive analytics, personalize and send mailers through Rocket Print & Mail, as well as generate more leads with the Associated People feature.

For more on Remine Pro updates and upcoming training opportunities, go to or follow us on Twitter @ACTRIS_MLS. Well, what are you waiting for? Up your game now with Remine Pro!


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