Getting What You Need: Your Toolbox tips
The new delivers what you need. From the Resource Library to the power buttons located at the top of each page, we aimed to create a more efficient and user-friendly site. In case you’re still not quite convinced that new is better than old, here are some tools you are sure to find useful:

Resource Library

If you’re looking for an archive of all our materials, you’ve come to the right place. Clicking the link at the very top left of any page accesses the Resourceresource library Library. The library includes any training or troubleshooting document you could ever need, from MLS information to Ethics and Legal resources.

Quick Links

The homepage was redesigned to save you time. The bright orange Quick Links box stands out on the homepage, to the left of the News You Can Use box. Here, you’ll find direct links to the Market Statistics, Required Classes and Member Benefits, and Board of Directors. Looking to connect with the Texas Association of REALTORS®, National Association of REALTORS® or Texas Real Estate Commission? Quick Links will take you straight there.

Power Buttons

We analyzed which pages from the previous site were visited the most frequently and made them power buttons at the top right of every page. Our research shows that Access MLS, Find a Member, and My Account are three of the most important features on the site, and you can access them from anywhere. Did you know that with the enhanced My Account section, you can now power buttons small imagepay bills, check your balance, and set up auto-pay all from your mobile device? My Account also displays your registered courses, committees, and TREPAC investments, if applicable.

A note about “Find a Member
The Find a Member tool has been upgraded to provide more accurate information about REALTORS®. Partnering with ABoR, now feeds the Find a Member tool with its very own agent profiles. Why the change?’s agent profile has numerous capabilities and more options to connect with REALTORS® than the previous tool could ever have. To maximize the Find a Member tools, we’re asking members to create their own agent profiles today and start building a new digital REALTOR® community. You can help by creating yours and spreading the word among your REALTOR® peers!

Search Bar

Can’t find exactly what you need on the homepage or in any of the dropdown menus? Use the advanced search bar located at the very top right of each page to quickly search for any document or article, eliminating the confusion and hassle of searching through multiple pages to find what you’re looking for.

After listening to your feedback and putting in months of hard work, we’re proud of the new However, the work doesn’t stop! We will continue seeking out new ideas for improvement so you can enjoy the new platform as much as we do.


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