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Meet the 2024 ABoR Foundation Scholarship Recipients!
See the scope of Austin’s housing problem by breaking down Austin’s severe undersupply of housing by City Council District and among five racial/ethnic groups.
In Austin, there is a severe undersupply of housing, learn more about the Missing Housing in a new report released by ABoR Research.
Congratulations to our 2023 ABoR Foundation Scholarship recipients!
Congratulations to our 2022 ABoR Foundation Scholarship recipients!
Even as home sales decline and inventory increases during March 2022, home median prices are setting records in the Austin-Round Rock MSA.
Remine and MLS Technology Holdings, LLC has officially named Frederick Townes as Remine's new CEO!
The Austin Board of REALTORS® announced our 2021 Industry Awards winners during our first in-person Gala since 2020.
With an 11% increase in home sales and a 27% increase in median price, 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for the Austin-Round Rock MSA.
ABoR's REACH Labs is putting you at the forefront of technology innovation in the real estate industry.
Home sales and new listings decreased in the Austin-Round Rock MSA, highlighting the need for reform to development regulation and processes.
The Austin-Round Rock MSA saw its biggest year ever during 2021 as home sales increased 2.5% year-over-year.
The Austin-Round Rock MSA is going for another record-breaking year, even with a 4% decrease in home sales through the month of November.
Despite a 12% decrease in home sales, the Austin-Round Rock MSA is still on track to hit another record-breaking year.
While home sales decreased 5% in the month of September, housing inventory and affordability are a top priority for the Austin-Round Rock MSA.
As the housing market in the Austin-Round Rock MSA calms down, home sales decrease 4% while median price sets a record for the month of August at $470,000.
Home Sales in the Austin-Round Rock MSA have declined 9% for the first time since May 2020, indicating market stabilization while median price increased 37% to $480,000. 
Following significant growth in the first half of 2021, The Austin Round-Rock MSA housing market is moving steady at midyear with an 8.6% increase in home sales.
The Austin-Round Rock MSA is continuing to grow and smash records as home sales skyrocket 48% in May 2021 while median price increased 42%.
Congratulations to the inaugural class of Policy Ambassadors. The 11 volunteers are furthering ABoR Advocacy's impact and amplifying the REALTOR® voice at City Hall.
One year after shelter-in-place orders and start of the COVID-19 pandemic, home sales in the Austin-Round Rock MSA soared 37% while median price jumped 42%.
Congratulations to our 2021 ABoR Foundation Scholarship recipients!
As the city of Austin expands to a growing metropolis, housing costs and sales continue to climb to record-breaking levels all while running on near-zero inventory.
Meals on Wheels of Central Texas and Austin Disaster Relief Network each received $5,000 for winter storm relief efforts.
Following winter storms, home sales in the Austin-Round Rock MSA dipped 8% while the median house price skyrocketed to an all-time high.
The housing market continues to soar in the new year with home sales jumping 23% and median home price increasing 19%.
Following big changes to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics last fall, where do we go from here? Here's how you can carry the spirit of Article 10-5 through all aspects of your life.
Home sales in the Austin-Round Rock MSA reach $17 billion in December, a record high despite a global pandemic.
Austin-area home sales spiked 23 percent in November, while inventory fell to 0.9 months across the region.
Austin City Council included ABoR Advocacy's recommended changes to the City’s new Street Impact Fee program, which could save your clients thousands of dollars.
Austin-area home sales jumped 29 percent last month.
In this new series, we unpack need-to-know terms related to diversity, equity, and inclusion to help REALTORS® lead courageous conversations.
Austin-area home sales soared 31 percent in September.
As median price decreases 6.3% and active listings increases 25.9%, a surge in housing inventory defines the first six months of 2024 for the Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos MSA.
Homebuyers can be more selective than ever as inventory in the Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown MSA rises to 4.9 months – the highest it has been in 13 years.
Closed sales increased 5.8% in the month of April, the highest year-over-year change of the year in the Austin-Round Rock MSA.
With more home option due to increased inventory in March 2025, the Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown MSA housing market is more favorable to first-time homebuyers.
Though first-time homebuyers have experienced issues with affordability over the past couple of years, increased inventory and new listings in the Austin-Round Rock-Georgetown MSA indicate a broader range for those looking to buy a home.
With declines in home median price and mortgage rates contributing to more options for homebuyers, the Austin-Round Rock MSA housing market is off to an optimistic start of 2024.
With a 10.2% decrease in median price and 3.0% decline in home sales throughout 2023, the Austin-Round Rock MSA housing market continued to find its footing.
In November 2023, the Austin-Round Rock MSA showed increasingly available inventory at varying price points, making this a great time to connect with a REALTOR® for homebuyers looking to enter the housing market.
Higher interest rates did not deter buyers from participating in the Austin-Round Rock MSA housing market as closed home sales increase in October.
Housing inventory increased to its highest in over eight years in the Austin-Round Rock MSA, making working with REALTORS® the best option for home sellers in the region.
With increased sales and inventory in the Austin-Round Rock MSA, new buyer confidence allows for homebuyers to be picky.
The Austin-Round Rock MSA housing market's resilience among high interest rates is evident after a year of stabilization.
In the first six months of 2023, the Austin Round-Rock MSA faced macroeconomic challenges to continue its normalization pattern.
The Austin-Round Rock MSA housing market has continued to stabilize to a point of optimism as both inventory and active listings increase in the area.
The Austin-Round Rock MSA housing market is withstanding amid changing economic conditions in the area.
As the Austin-Round Rock MSA remains a demand driven market, both buyers and sellers end Q1-2023 with equal momentum.
Homebuyers in the Austin-Round Rock MSA continue to gain leverage in the month of February as housing inventory grows to 2.6 months.
As the Austin-Round Rock MSA inches toward a post-pandemic normal, housing inventory remains a priority in the region.
In December 2022, the Austin-Round Rock Housing Market has made a shift toward buyers with increased inventory and price records set once again.
For the first time since 2019, median home price in the Austin-Round Rock MSA did not experience any change, indicating a further normalizing market.
Inventory continues to make gains in the Austin-Round Rock MSA as home prices appreciate and the region inches towards a balanced market.
As home sales decline in the Austin-Round Rock MSA, homebuyers gain much-needed leverage with increased inventory and slowed price growth.
Welcomed increases in housing inventory, along with normal price growth signals the continuation of normalization in the Austin-Round Rock MSA.
Home price growth slowed down during the month of July as inventory rose in the Austin-Round Rock MSA.
The release of Kirk Watson’s housing policy proposal reinforces ABoR's decision to endorse him for Mayor of Austin.
The Austin-Round Rock MSA is beginning to experience normalcy as market activity returns to that of pre-COVD times.
Austin is home to some of the highest housing development fees in Texas. Learn more in this new analysis from ABoR and HBAGA.
In the past month, the Austin-Round Rock MSA received much-needed inventory improvement, providing relief to prospective homebuyers.
Though there was a 6% dip in home sales across the Austin-Round Rock MSA, first-time homebuyers must be prepared when searching for homes as inventory slightly increases.