AT ABoR, WE BELIEVE everyone has a right to have a home, build a meaningful life, and be well. We advocate because we want the best for this place we call home — and that means working toward a more inclusive future where everyone has representation and the ability to live well and thrive.


ABoR Advocacy is the organized voice for REALTORS® and homeowners.

Advocacy isn’t just an opportunity, it’s our responsibility as REALTORS®. Together, we leverage our expertise, connections, and creativity to make change happen. And the results speak for themselves.

REALTORS® Benefit: On average, Austin REALTORS® save over $8,200 in annual fees and taxes due to legislation influenced by REALTOR® advocacy efforts.

The Industry Benefits: If you’ve bought or sold a home in 2020, you can thank REALTOR® advocacy for keeping real estate essential during the pandemic. 

Homeowners Benefit: Our relationships with local and state officials have saved your clients thousands of dollars in taxes and other costs.

Our advocacy, powered by TREPAC, protects the interests of the real estate profession and builds a better future for Austin. And we’re just getting started. 


If real estate is your job, then politics is your business. Supporting pro-REALTOR® candidates on a local, state, and national level keeps the issues that matter most to our industry at the center of new legislation. When you invest in TREPAC, you make industry wins like lower professional fees and tax reform possible. 

In 2019, the Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act made several changes to the property tax system to increase transparency, allow for greater citizen input into the rate setting process, and save property owners money. Through our state association, Texas REALTORS®, we supported this key legislation and continue to educate consumers on the Texas property tax system. Check out the video series below for an explanation of the many changes resulting from this pro-consumer legislation.

We Support Homeowners

When you support REALTOR® advocacy, you give your clients a voice. The issues we promote protect homeowner rights and save our clients thousands of dollars each year. From lowering property taxes to championing legislation that makes our community better, TREPAC keeps Austin homeowners at the center of local, state, and national politics.

Real estate was one of the first industries to be deemed as an “essential service” in Central Texas during the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the strong relationships ABoR has built with City leadership in Austin. Following this critical win, we continued to fight for our members and their clients as the pandemic continued.

With the jobless rate increasing every day in the early weeks of the pandemic, Austin City Council rushed to create tenant protections to ensure citizens still had access to safe, affordable housing. The unfortunate result of this quick action was that many landlords in Austin were left without rent payments and no recourse to recover back rent or evict uncooperative tenants. ABoR intervened and fought for protections and relief for landlords.

At the direction of Council, City staff created a relief program for residential and commercial landlords whose tenants owe back rent and are not communicating with their landlord. ABoR continues to fight for property owners across Austin so that they won’t have to bear the lion’s share of the burden felt in this pandemic-related recession.

We Keep Austin Awesome

When our members support ABoR Advocacy with their time and financial contributions to TREPAC, together we can tackle important community issues and create real results for the people we serve. From Policy Teams to the TREPAC Committee, including our newly launched Policy Ambassador Program, there are numerous ways you can get involved and help us make real change.

Join Us!