2022 Volunteer Applications Have Closed

Are you an ABoR Member or ACTRIS subscriber looking for ways to get involved and make an impact in your industry? From international relations and finance to philanthropic and advocacy efforts, we have a volunteer group for you. Find a volunteer opportunity that fits your schedule, whether you have five hours or five minutes available, and will make a difference for both your career and our Association.

ABoR's Volunteer Call is open for 2022 positions! You can apply to volunteer groups through your ABoR Member Portal now through October 15. Learn more about each volunteer group's roles and responsibilities below.

2022 Volunteer Groups with Open Positions

The ABoR Foundation’s efforts are led by an Advisory Group comprised of the members of an overarching Board of Directors and diverse candidates who have demonstrated a consistent track record in community service and/or fundraising initiatives, and who share the ABoR Foundation’s commitment to housing, education, and disaster relief.

9 positions available 

The ABoR Foundation offers eight separate Ambassador Volunteer groups each focusing on a different Foundation project under the three tenets of housing, education, and disaster relief.

  • Fundraising Team: Grow Foundation initiatives by promoting our annual fundraiser(s)! Responsible for the distribution/selling of tickets (if applicable) and spreading the word for a successful fundraiser. The Fundraising Team will also have a hand in developing fundraising strategies.
  • Housing Team: Volunteer for hands-on service projects throughout Austin with our three community partners: Community First! Village, Austin Habitat for Humanity, and Rebuilding Together Austin. Get early access to 2021 Housing news and projects before they’re promoted to ABoR membership, and have the opportunity to lead a service project!
  • Scholarship Team - Donor Engagement: Help us expand the reach of our Scholarship Program! Responsible for outreach to former and potential REALTOR® donors to encourage scholarship donations, as well as ensuring a rewarding donor experience by connecting scholarship recipients with their donors.
  • Scholarship Team - School & Alumni Engagement: Promote the impact of our Scholarship Program! Responsible for outreach to Central Texas high schools to promote the Foundation Scholarship Program, as well as reaching out to alumni recipients to encourage alumni applications and share scholar achievements.
  • Scholarship Team - Scholar Selection: Make a direct impact in the lives of college-bound Central Texas students! Responsible for reviewing and vetting scholarship applications to select our 2022 scholarship recipients, including participating in scholarship candidate interviews as needed. Team leads will coordinate the distribution of scholarship applications for review, including meeting to review and vet applications.
  • Member Engagement Team - Donor Appreciation: Responsible for outreach to former and potential REALTOR® donors to encourage scholarship donations, as well as ensuring a rewarding donor experience by connecting scholarship recipients with their donors.
  • Member Engagement Team - Volunteer Appreciation: Shine a spotlight on REALTORS® who give back! Responsible for coordinating volunteer appreciation initiatives on a per-project basis throughout the year, such as staffing volunteer appreciation events, sending out personalized thank-you gifts, and more.
  • Member Engagement Team - Social Media: We’re seeking to grow our ABoR Foundation community online in a big way next year, and we need your help! Social Media Ambassadors will share ABoR Foundation news and volunteer opportunities and engage members on our ABoR Foundation Facebook Group.

Unlimited positions available

The Audit Committee assists the Board of Directors in its oversight responsibilities regarding the integrity, compliance, internal and external audit/review functions of the Association. Members and officers are recommended by the Vetting Committee and approved by the Board of Directors each fall.

5 positions available 

The Budget Committee is responsible for reviewing financial policies, goals, and budgets that support the mission, values, and strategic goals of the Association. Members and officers are recommended by the Vetting Committee and approved by the Board of Directors each fall.

3 positions available 

ABoR’s Candidate Interview Panels vet and interview candidates for public office within ABoR’s jurisdiction and make recommendations for potential endorsements to the Legislative Management Team for the following races: Austin City Council, Travis County Commissioners Court, and Travis County Justices of the Peace.

All applicants will be invited to attend the two-hour training session in early Spring 2022. Those who complete the training will select which panel(s) they prefer to sit on. The LMT Chair and Vice Chair will make recommendations for the roster of each Candidate Interview Panel. Panels will be confirmed by the LMT and the BOD and will be seated by the end of May 2022.

30 positions available 

The Diversity Committee coordinates activities related to increasing the overall diversity and inclusiveness of ABoR volunteers and leadership to mirror the rich diversity and culture of our region.

10 positions available 

The Global Advisory Group consists of the Global Chair, Vice-Chair, Past Chair, as well as two Global Ambassadors. These positions are held by ABoR members and/or affiliated professionals who have expertise in global real estate.

1 position available 

ABoR Global Ambassadors are appointed by the Global Advisory Group to serve as liaisons to their assigned country or entity. Global Ambassadors provide insight into emerging real estate strategies, trends, and resources within their respective focus.

30 positions available 

The Governing Policy Committee reviews and revises the Association’s Governing Policies, as directed by the Board of Directors, to ensure policies are consistent, clear, and comprehensive as they relate to the governance of the Association and align with the ABoR Bylaws and Strategic Plan.

4 positions available 

The Legislative Management Team (LMT) serves as the front line of advocacy volunteerism on behalf of ABoR. The LMT recommends public policy positions to the Board of Directors, thoroughly vets and recommends candidate endorsements, as well as reviews issue recommendations as requested by the Board of Directors.

The LMT is a Board-appointed steering committee made up of experienced Central Texas REALTORS®. The four seats open for 2022 include:

  • Business Issues Policy Team Chair
  • Land Use Policy Team Chair
  • Property Rights Policy Team Chair
  • Rental Issues Policy Team Chair

In addition to serving on the LMT, Policy Team Chairs are expected to be a go-to resource for ABoR Staff on policy issues related to their respective Policy Team, help in the development and hosting of their policy team meetings, and may be asked to participate in meetings with local officials as the need arise.

4 positions available 

The MLS Compliance Committee works with the MLS Staff in the oversight of the MLS Rules & Regulations by reviewing subscriber input and coordinating Appeals or Required Hearings.

11 positions available 

ABoR Policy Teams serve as educational opportunities where we turn our members into experts on the public policies that impact them. Policy Teams are subcommittees of ABoR’s Legislative Management Team (LMT) that focus on public policy related to property rights, strategic land use, and business issues and practices.

  • Property Rights Policy Team
  • Land Use Policy Team
  • Business Issues Policy Team
  • Rental Issues Policy Team

Unlimited positions available 

The TREPAC Committee is charged with raising awareness and funds for the Texas REALTORS® Political Action Committee (TREPAC). Committee activities include adopting and implementing an annual fundraising plan to help ABoR reach our TREPAC goals and supporting candidates and elected officials who are supportive of the real estate industry, private property rights, and homeownership.

30 positions available 

The Vetting Committee vets candidates for the ABoR and ACTRIS MLS Boards of Directors. The committee also vets and recommends the most qualified candidates for Texas REALTORS® Director and Regional Vice President; National Association of REALTORS® Director; and ABoR Committee Members, Chairs, and Vice Chairs.

4 positions available 

Please note: Applications for all volunteer groups will be available through your ABoR Member Portal at Portal.ABoR.com. Volunteer groups visible to individual applicants may vary based on eligibility. Some volunteer groups and committees may require additional qualifications for application.