How to Report a Violation

As the authoritative source for all Central Texas real estate information, our MLS Rules and Regulations (including Appendix C) help maintain our position as the market’s most complete, accurate, and up-to-date listing information service. These rules set the foundation for an orderly marketplace where competitors cooperate and facilitate real estate transactions.

Reporting an MLS Violation

Every day, you can help us build a better, more orderly marketplace. It's our commitment to listen, learn, and work with brokers and agents to improve the overall data quality and user experience of our MLS. Whether it's easily and anonymously reporting a violation or sending a quick note to a peer to bring their attention to an error, we encourage you to hold your peers accountable and help us keep the data clean.

Automated Notices: Unlock MLS has dozens of business rules tied into the system which will trigger an automated notice that requires action by the listing agent to ensure the listing is in compliance. You can help maintain the integrity of your MLS by being attentive to notices sent from and reviewing how you can prevent violations in the future.

Reporting a Violation: The MLS also allows you to manually report possible data violations to ABoR staff for further review. To report a violation, please send a detailed email to so an MLS team member can review the listing in question and respond accordingly.

Report a Violation

Downloadable: Reporting Violations in Unlock MLS: Easy as 1-2-3

Leading a Culture of Compliance

You’ve asked for a larger focus on the education surrounding our rules, and we heard you. Unlock MLS has undergone critical shift in the education and compliance of our MLS Rules and Regulations. We've created a Compliance Plan that focuses primarily on the education of our rules, support of our subscribers, and correction of MLS data. You’ve emphasized to us: when the data is clean, you’re able to efficiently conduct your business.

The MLS Compliance Resources Kit will be your hub for resources and updates on our MLS compliance plan. Make sure to read the newest set of Rules and Regulations and Appendix C, and check out the list of downloadable resources to help understand the categorization of our rules and escalation paths for repeat offenders. Email with further questions.

New MLS Rules Categories & Escalation Process

Path To Compliance


The Rules and Regulations have been updated to align with new NAR MLS policy requirements and make our MLS Rules easier to understand and follow. Each of the rules will fall into one of four categories:

  • Category 1: Relating to any listing information provided by a participant or subscriber
  • Category 2: Relating to mandatory submissions of listings to the service
  • Category 3: Relating to any IDX and VOW display rules
  • Category 4: Relating to listing copyright violations and offers of cooperative compensation
  • Category 5: Relating to the misuse of MLS data and tools and unauthorized MLS access