ACTRIS MLS is now Unlock MLS

Unlock innovation, data, powerful products and tools

Simplify the way you work with access to the market’s most comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date listing data in Central Texas. Covering an 18-county service area, your Multiple Listing Service (MLS) subscription provides unparalleled benefits that speak to every aspect of your real estate business.


Unlock innovation through industry-leading technology and data services.


To steward a trustworthy, transparent marketplace where Central Texans – and the REALTORS® who serve them – have access to the most complete, accurate, and timely real estate data intelligence, with the goal of making home accessible and attainable for all.  

  • Providing Timely and Accurate Data
  • Providing Comprehensive and Accessible Data
  • Promoting a Fair and Efficient Marketplace

The Unlock MLS Difference

Between the most complete, accurate, and lightning-fast database of regional housing market activity, and its human counterpart in REALTORS®, we’re experts on the past, present, and future of the Central Texas community. We know the housing market better than anyone and you can always count on us to shoot you straight. We’re unparalleled market intelligence mixed with encouragement, clarity, and kindness. 


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