ABoR Advocacy


Every day, members of ABoR help their clients buy, sell, or rent real estate. That’s why private property rights, strategic land use, and business issues and practices are so important to us.

ABoR is a tireless advocate for our members and their clients. We believe everyone should be able to own property, free from burdensome taxes and regulations, in a healthy and sustainable community.

ABoR's advocacy is powered by TREPAC, the Texas REALTORS® Political Action Committee. TREPAC is a champion for REALTORS® and homeowners. TREPAC allows us to have strong relationships with legislators, policy experts, and governmental agencies, which ensures ABoR has a seat at the table.

ABoR’s advocacy efforts are focused in three critical areas:

Property Rights

ABoR believes everyone should be able to buy, sell and use property, as protected in the Fifth Amendment in the U.S. Constitution. We think our members’ clients ought to have the freedom to realize the highest and best use of their property, with limited restrictions.

Strategic Land Use

ABoR believes that Austin and Central Texas will continue to thrive if it is strategically and sustainably developed. We speak up for our community and focus on creating the widest distribution of land ownership so that we maintain enough housing to support our growing region.

Business Issues and Practices

ABoR believes that real estate transactions can facilitate and support economic stability through the benefits of homeownership and community investment. We work to prevent burdensome taxes and unnecessary or harmful regulations that infringe on anyone’s ability to conduct business that is good for the community.

ABoR’s advocacy mission is simple: protect our members’ livelihoods and the well-being of their clients, because it’s the right thing to do for our community.