Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is responsible for reviewing financial policies, goals, and budgets that support the mission, values, and strategic goals of the Association. Members and officers are recommended by the Vetting Committee and approved by the Board of Directors each fall. For more information about the Budget Committee email accounting@abor.com.

2020 Members

Ashley Jackson
Chair | Realty Austin
Theresa Bastian
Let's Move Austin LLC
Michael Francis
Rollingwood Management, Inc.
Raquel Frankenburg
Keller Williams Realty
Divyaksh Kapur
Emily Le
Nora Wall & Company, Inc.
Kari Anne Ledgerwood
Redfin Corporation
Isaiah Tibbs
Allure Real Estate
Monica Williams
Staff Executive | Austin Board of REALTORS®
Melissa Garringer
Staff Liaison | Austin Board of REALTORS®