Policy Ambassador Program

ABoR’s Policy Ambassador Program plays a vital role in fostering strong relationships with local elected officials. Lead Policy Ambassadors are a key extension of ABoR’s advocacy efforts to connect elected officials with specific Central Texas REALTORS® and provide local elected officials with their unique perspectives on real estate and public policy issues that affect Central Texas REALTORS®.  

The Policy Ambassador Program currently consists of 11 Lead Policy Ambassadors who are paired with 11 members of the Austin City Council. For more information about our Policy Ambassador Program, email advocacy@abor.com. 

Theresa Bastian
Steve Adler, Mayor
Kimbrough Gray
Natasha Harper-Madison, District 1
Chandra Simms
Vanessa Fuentes, District 2
Willie Cecil
Pio Renteria, District 3
Ashley Jackson
Greg Casar, District 4
Dillar Schwartz
Ann Kitchen, District 5
Amanda Garcia
Mackenzie Kelly, District 6
Chelsea Kotrla
Leslie Pool, District 7
Rafael Llorente
Paige Ellis, District 8
Isaiah Tibbs
Kathie Tovo, District 9
Hem Ramachandran
Alison Alter, District 10