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Austin Stowell

Elected Term: 2019-2021, 2024-2026

Austin Stowell has made his mark on Austin real estate expertly navigating projects to success, whether the end goal is a single-family home or a ground-up, high-rise development. His in-depth expertise in custom home building, design and development is critical in the complex local market, and his long tenure in the business community has cultivated the extensive network of contacts necessary to bring any venture to completion. Stowell is also an expert in the realm of innovative building tactics, such as 3D-Printed Family Homes, and he provided consultation and the location itself for the first ever permitted 3D-printed home in the back of his East Austin office.

A former pharmacist with a genetic link to property management, Stowell comes naturally to the real estate world. As the son of a landlord, he grew up watching and helping his father manage more than 400 units, and Stowell himself is a local investor. Having served as a pharmacist, he understands the importance of precision – a detailed approach to problem-solving and providing attentive service during his customer’s most challenging moments.

As a lifelong Austinite, he’s deeply familiar with the city’s past, present and exciting future. When not hard at work for clients, he can be found enjoying the area’s fantastic outdoor lifestyle with his wife and two young sons or at a Longhorn baseball game.