Rela Manigsaca

Rela Manigsaca Changemaker With Line


Rela Manigsaca has dedicated her time to numerous organizations and was pivotal at helping build and grow one of our Strategic Partners. See why Rela is passionate about making change in the industry.

On Pivoting

I knew that my previous line of work was not for me. When I decided to go into real estate, I started as an apartment locator in 2009 and it was a recession. My thinking was that if I can learn how to do real estate in this economy and make as much as I would as an engineer, then I will stay on with it. So, I poured myself into it. Plus, I knew to look for people and companies who will take care of me; to teach me the ropes and encourage newbies like me. That’s how I got started with JB Goodwin… to where I am now at Realty Austin.

On Finding a Niche

I have an engineering background, and that attracts a lot of my clients who appreciate that and think the same way.  Because of my corporate and tech background, I am able to speak to numbers well and present information in an organized and systematic way, so clients are able to follow and make informed decisions. I have a lot of investor clients who are like this. Also, my first language is not English, so homebuyers who speak the same language as I do (Filipino) are attracted to me because we are able to communicate more effectively with all the culture, context, and vocabulary of that language, without having to translate in our minds what were are trying to say.

On Creating Change

Community matters to me. I want to help people where they are and guide them to help to themselves. There are a lot of people who help others by providing material things: food, clothing, and shelter. I mainly help on the spiritual growth side. All the other basic needs get touched on along the way. I believe that once the heart of man is changed, everything else follows… I’m passionate about making change, at both an individual level and a group level, because change leads to progress.

On Being a Strategic Partner

I started to be active with the Austin chapter of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) when it was new in 2013. When I started actively connecting AREAA Austin with ABoR, the dynamics was very different. I’m just glad to be part of the early ones knocking at ABoR’s door to get them to be involved, and that the AREAA leaders who came after me persevered the engagement that is now an official ABoR Strategic Partner. The current partnership is robust and has elevated the visibility of the organization and its initiatives to showcase the Asian community and real estate practitioners, customs and practices.