What We Stand For


We serve with honesty and professionalism.

REALTORS® are not the same as a real estate agent. REALTORS® have sworn to uphold a Code of Ethics that promotes the protection and best interests of their clients, and exhibiting honesty and integrity in every facet of their work. Today’s buyers, sellers, and renters need a professional they can trust to guide them through the evolving world of real estate listings, contracts, and transactions. REALTORS® pledge to:

  • Protect the individual right of (and widen the opportunity to enjoy) real estate ownership;
  • Be honorable and honest in all dealings;
  • Provide an abundant representation of clients through increased education;
  • Act fairly towards all, in the spirit of the Golden Rule;
  • Serve the community and country well; and
  • Observe the REALTORS® Code of Ethics and conform conduct to its aspirational ideals.


We champion housing for all.

Fair and equitable access to housing is a right deserved by all. Full stop. We believe in a REALTOR® community that embodies the vibrant diversity of the region we serve, and we tirelessly advocate for policies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.


We're not messing around.

We restructured our governance and volunteer structure to make decisions quickly for the benefit of our members. We don’t get bound up in endless committees or let debates drag on and on. We act quickly and sensibly because our members need an advocate that can be nimble in today’s changing landscape — especially in Austin, the fastest-growing housing market in the country.

You can trust our leadership to be honest and direct in all member communication and future planning for the Association. ABoR members can watch our Board of Directors meetings via livestream every month, as well as access all Board and committee agendas and minutes in the Document Library.


We're better than the day before.

At ABoR, we’re committed to continual growth and development. We’re not just REALTORS® in title—we're the most engaged and professional REALTORS® in the nation. ABoR covers the cost of CE license renewal and provides a holistic suite of benefits related to business, career, client, and personal wellness so that our members can stay focused on growth.