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ABoR works with policymakers from D.C., the State Capitol, and City Hall on issues that directly impact the livelihood and future earnings potential of Central Texas REALTORS®.

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Where Does ABoR Stand?

ABoR's public policy priorities are focused on preserving a high quality of life in Central Texas, providing housing for all in our community, and addressing the implications of our region's rapid growth.

Policy positions are established by ABoR's Legislative Management Team (LMT), a Board-appointed steering committee made up of experienced Central Texas REALTORS®. The LMT adopts an annual public policy agenda for ABoR, recommends public policy positions to the Board of Directors, thoroughly vets and recommends candidate endorsements, as well as reviews recommendations made by member policy teams.

Policy Teams

All ABoR members have the opportunity to volunteer with policy teams that focus on public policy related to property rights, affordability, growth and development, water and conservation, and transportation. Policy teams report to the LMT, making recommendations for the annual public policy agenda and taking up other issues with a forward-looking focus.

Growth & Development
ABoR supports strategic development as it relates to housing options and affordability throughout Austin by supporting a more compact and connected urban landscape for its residents and workforce. ABoR works with communities, residents, stakeholders, and city leaders to help educate about the importance of the rewrite of the Land Development Code, find opportunities to incorporate smart growth visions, create a variety of housing options, and encourage transit-oriented development to provide better mobility options and enhance accessibility throughout Austin.
Water and Sustainability
ABoR maintains that quality of life is one of the main drivers of development and economic stability in Central Texas. Water is essential to preserving that quality of life. A safe, reliable water supply that will support residents and businesses alike is essential to protecting the quality of life and healthy business environment we enjoy in Central Texas. ABoR commits to protecting Austin’s unique environment and to educate our members on the importance of sustainable business and living practices. The true “cost” of a home is defined through a holistic look at all of the expenses associated with the maintenance and day to day life of each property. From the rising price of water, electricity, gas, and transportation, it is evident that every homeowner is feeling the pull of increased costs. The return on investment is huge when consumers are adequately educated and understand the bottom-line benefit of conservation measures they can implement in their own homes and lives. ABoR supports energy conservation efforts and programs that will transform the Austin market by embracing the value of conservation and sustainability. The Water and Sustainability Issues Policy Team monitors and engages in public policy development to ensure the Austin region has an adequate, affordable, and clean water and energy supply that will be sufficient for the continued growth, economic health and overall sustainability of the community.
Transportation Issues
As the population in Central Texas soars, the Austin area faces serious transportation challenges. Infrastructure improvements and investments are necessary if Austin is to remain a desirable place to live and do business. ABoR supports a regional approach to improving, sustaining and building the Central Texas transportation infrastructure in order to relieve traffic congestion now and meet the future needs of a rapidly growing population. The Transportation Policy Team monitors city and regional transportation plans and projects and engages in transportation policy issues to ensure Central Texas residents have a variety of reliable and efficient modes of transportation.
Housing Issues
Housing supply has a direct bearing on the cost of housing. A significant imbalance between supply and demand generally leads to higher prices for homes that spend less time on the market. The constrained housing inventory in the Austin area has a direct impact on affordability. Increasing the supply and variety of housing is the only way to ensure a well-balanced market that fits the diverse needs of Austin’s communities. ABoR supports solutions that allow for homes that serve all members of the community, accommodate new populations, and help current residents find what they want. This includes policies that increase geographically distributed workforce housing options for all residents, through structured programs that incentivize quality affordable housing, and through removing regulatory obstacles to affordability.
Public Education
Well-supported neighborhood schools greatly enhance neighborhood desirability and build community, whereas struggling schools present difficult choices to families with school-age children.

ABoR believes that strong schools build strong communities, and we strive to work closely with Central Texas school districts to identify areas of collaboration and opportunities to educate ABoR members about area schools and the programs they offer. In addition, ABoR aims to advance awareness of issues facing Central Texas school districts, such as school finance, enrollment challenges, and family-student supports, such as after-school programs and family readiness.


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