Data Integrity and the Clear Cooperation Policy

Every day, you help us build a better, more orderly marketplace. It's our commitment to listen, learn, and work with brokers and agents to improve the overall data quality and user experience of our MLS. When the MLS has clean and comprehensive data, your clients benefit, which is why we’re also asking for your help when it comes to the NAR Clear Cooperation Policy.

Here’s a reminder on how you can help your MLS maintain the quality data integrity.

Have you tried the "Report it" tool in Matrix?

  • From your listing display, select the yellow triangle with the exclamation point (!) on the listing tab:
  • Check the boxes that are most appropriate for the error you are reporting (if necessary, select more than one box).
  • IMPORTANT: Give an accurate description in the open text field. This ensures staff can quickly and efficiently contact the listing brokerage for the correction. When details are not entered, an extra phone call or email exchange usually has to occur, but who has time for that?
    • For example, if the wrong school is entered, enter the name of the correct school AND provide a direct link to the ISD site where the proper mapping is stated.
  • Hit Submit.

On the staff side, our robust Listing Data Checker tool then has a ledger of the issue occurring and gets our eyes on how our data can improve. We’re looking for ways to proactively communicate input errors to agents and prevent them from occurring at all, so this data helps us know where our focus should be.

Clear Cooperation Policy Reporting

Due to the newly implemented NAR Clear Cooperation Policy, we’re learning more about listings that may have never made it to the MLS for cooperation. We realize this is a new policy, which is why we’re taking an education-first approach when a listing is passed along that does not conform with the policy.

If you come across a property that is being publicly marketed while not also in the ACTRIS MLS for cooperation with all brokers, please email the following to

  • The specific property address of the listing (if it’s not included directly in the ad, you can pass it along as additional context)
  • The listing agent/brokerage
  • Specific documentation of the public marketing (screenshot, forwarded email, picture of yard sign, etc.)

Once this information is passed along to, staff will confirm that the listing is not conforming with the policy and send our cooperation education notice to the listing agent and broker. By letting us know when public marketing occurs for a listing not also in the MLS, you’re helping us learn more about how this is unfolding in our marketplace. As a reminder, we’re taking an education-first approach to support an important policy for our market, but doing so without disrupting your business. And any changes to the policy enforcement strategy will be announced with a 90-day notice before the changes occur.

Why is Cooperation Important?

Our market needs the multiple listing service—a virtual and stable marketplace—to foster confidence, connections, and community. ACTRIS’s focus has always been, and continues to be, maintaining an orderly marketplace through the most accurate, comprehensive, and timely data in our area. Shared cooperation among all brokers means that every client has fair and equitable access to all properties on the market, and the Clear Cooperation Policy helps us achieve that.

Thank you for bringing cooperation back to the forefront of our market. To learn more about the value of the Clear Cooperation Policy and when it applies, visit ABoR’s Clear Cooperation Policy Resource page.


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