Matrix Update - Displays

While “Displays” haven’t changed significantly in the Matrix Update, the MLS team is nonetheless excited to introduce MLS subscribers to the new Agent Brief and Agent Full pages in Matrix.

What You Need to Know

ACTRIS MLS subscribers will no longer see the Agent 1 Page as a “Display” option at the top-right of the property profile page. Instead, agents can select the Agent Brief page to get a clean, straightforward view that provides all the need-to-know details of a specific listing.

Like the Agent 1 Page, MLS users will see individual sections for General Information, Utility Information, Financial, Showing, as well as Office Information. This may not seem like much of a change now, but in the long run we hope our subscribers will appreciate some of the more subtle updates we’ve made to the formatting and layout.

Speaking of Formatting and Layout

Another unique change to note is the new placement of the Listing ID and Current Price, as indicated in the figure above. Both items are now located just above the listing’s image. Furthermore, subscribers will also see that we have flip-flopped the BOLDED parts so that the viewer’s eye will automatically be drawn to important listing categories such as Address or City.

Next, ACTRIS MLS subscribers will now notice a “Display” option for Agent Full (formerly known as the Agent 2 Page). Not only will the Agent Full page give you the usual details, such as Interior and Exterior Information, but agents now have a Rooms Information section, as well. That way, agents can quickly determine which rooms have promising features, like a separate shower or walk-in closet, that their clients are looking for.

Subscribers who have saved either the Agent 1 Page or Agent 2 Page as their default “Display” should also note that they do not have to update their preferences. If your default “Display” is currently set to Agent 1, then you will simply see Agent Brief instead. The same will be true for Agent 2 and Agent Full. Nevertheless, agents can update their preferred default “Display” by selecting the grey gear to the right of the “Display” field in Matrix (see below).

Get Your Printout Here!

Lastly, we want to remind our agents who love their printouts that they can still easily print either the Agent Brief or Agent Full page by following these four quick steps:

  • Select the check box located slightly above and to the left of the Listing ID.
  • Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Print button.
  • From there, you will get a list of “displays” from which to choose. If you need a one-page printout with just the essential property details, we recommend that you go with Agent Brief.
  • And, finally, click Print. (You can also choose Preview to check it out before printing the listing.)

See These Updates in Action!

We hope you love these updates as much as we do! For more on updates to displays in Matrix, visit