President's Update: MLS Resources for a Seller's Market

Saying that Austin’s housing inventory is tight is like saying Texas summers are hot—an understatement to put it mildly. With listings moving from Active to Closed at the speed of light, it’s more important than ever to have best-in-class tools and technologies at your disposal.

The ACTRIS MLS has you covered. In addition to the most comprehensive and accurate listing and lease information in Central Texas, ACTRIS offers multiple pro-level tools to stand out and stay ahead in a seller’s market. Here are two ways buyer’s agents can leverage the MLS to beef up their farming strategy.

Use Your Sell Score to Uncover Leads

If there’s one thing every buyer’s agent needs to be doing right now, it’s farming leads by using the Sell Score feature available across multiple ACTRIS products. A Sell Score provides unique insights into which properties may be likely to transact in six months to a year. Typically, a property with a higher Sell Score is five to 10 times more likely to go on market soon. A high (625-830) or very high (831-1000) Sell Score is a great way to determine prospective sellers.

ACTRIS subscribers have access to three robust products that offer a Sell Score feature: Remine Pro, Homesnap Pro, and Realist. So, whether you’re partial to Remine’s user-friendly interface, Homesnap’s comprehensive data, or the reliability of Realist, you can generate more leads by simply incorporating Sell Score as a filter in your property searches. Each of these products has something great to offer, and it takes no time at all to conduct a thorough search.

As an example of how to effectively use the Sell Score feature, Remine Pro recommends using this filter in conjunction with additional filters such as Ownership Type and Home Equity to turn up more leads in a given area. Remine Pro also allows you to create a mailer campaign through their partnership with Rocket Print & Mail, making it easy to customize and send mailers to prospective clients.

Stay on Top of New Home Construction 

ACTRIS subscribers have access to Builders Update and New Home Source Professional, both of which offer a comprehensive view of new home construction throughout our region. New Home Source Professional provides them with an agent-branded capture page, complete with thousands of new homes, which they can use to earn new leads. Alternatively, Builders Update is locally owned and operated and provides agents with an easy-to-use, map-based search.

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  • This article previously ran in RealtyLine Austin's May edition.