Applications for a Lead Policy Ambassador position are open through May 14, 2021.

At ABoR, we see advocacy as our responsibility as REALTORS®, and our Policy Ambassador Program plays a vital role in fostering strong relationships with local elected officials. Policy Ambassadors are a key extension of the ABoR’s advocacy efforts to connect elected officials with specific Central Texas REALTORS® and, further, provide local elected officials with their unique perspectives on real estate and public policy issues that affect Central Texas REALTORS®. 

The Policy Ambassador Program currently consists of Lead Policy Ambassadors who are established Central Texas REALTORS® with an established relationship with a local elected official. In the future, two to four team members will be added to assist each Lead Policy Ambassador in their duties.

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  1. Participating in advocacy at the local level helps you to build relationships and develop valuable knowledge that you can share with your colleagues and clients. 
  2. Serving as a Lead Policy Ambassador is an enjoyable and exciting experience that connects you with your community, its local elected officials, and bolsters your credibility as a REALTOR®. 
  3. The more you know about our community and its diverse segments, the stronger our community becomes. 

The amount of time you commit to being a Lead Policy Ambassador will depend on what you deem necessary to be effective in this role. In general, the minimum time commitment involves: 

  • 1-2 meetings per year and other training/meetings as needed. 
  • Contact your designated local elected official at least once a month (by phone, email, or in-person) and submit a Field Report. 
  • Please note that ABoR staff is responsible for providing information, training, talking points, and additional support materials. 

In general, a Lead Policy Ambassador will be required to: 

  1. Maintain and grow a positive relationship with their designated elected official; 
  2. Support their elected official; 
  3. Respond to all Calls for Action; and 
  4. Participate in meetings with the elected official, as needed. 

At a minimum Lead Policy Ambassadors should:

  • Have an existing relationship with an elected official; 
  • Primary ABoR Member in Good Standing; 
  • TREPAC Investor; 
  • Registered Voter; and 
  • Willingness to play an active role in specified grassroots initiatives. 

Preference will be given to members who:

  • Live within the elected official’s district;  
  • Have past ABoR involvement;  
  • Have an understanding of issues affecting Central Texas REALTORS®; and  
  • Have an interest in politics. 

ABoR is currently accepting applications for 11 Lead Policy Ambassador positions which will be paired with members of the Austin City Council. This includes: 

  • Steve Adler, Mayor 
  • Natasha Harper-Madison, Mayor Pro Tem, District 1 
  • Vanessa Fuentes, Council Member, District 2 
  • Sabino “Pio” Renteria, Council Member, District 3 
  • Gregorio “Greg” Casar, Council Member, District 4 
  • Ann Kitchen, Council Member, District 5 
  • Mackenzie Kelly, Council Member, District 6 
  • Leslie Pool, Council Member, District 7 
  • Paige Ellis, Council Member, District 8 
  • Kathie Tovo, Council Member, District 9 
  • Alison Alter, Council Member, District 10 

How do I apply to serve?

Members interested in serving as a Lead Policy Ambassador should complete their application no later than May 14, 2021.

Apply in the Member Portal