Matrix unifies listing and public-property data in our marketplace by connecting agents with the tools necessary to enter listings and search for unique property data and market statistics. 

What's New?

Experience the enhanced versatility and efficiency with the Matrix 11.2.3 update, featuring a refreshed and user-centric homepage design alongside an innovative new search option. The updates extend to the My Matrix section with updates to 'Saved Searches' and 'Auto Emails', offering a more personalized and responsive interface to keep you seamlessly connected with your priorities. 

  • Homepage: The Matrix Homepage is now fully responsive and includes a new feature called the Timeline; this Timeline will track your clients’ actions within their Client Portal.  
  • Search: Each property type will also have the option to try the new Matrix search update, which will mirror some recent updates in Realist. The search form is designed to maximize your screen size (no more unneeded whitespace!) and lets you decide which panels (criteria, map, grid results) you’d like to see front and center while searching.  
  • My Matrix Pages (Saved Searches and Auto Emails): The Saved Searches and Auto Emails sections of My Matrix are also mobile-responsive and match the recently-updated Contacts section. The call-to-action buttons and criteria are clearly displayed to make it easy to navigate your searches and emails! 

Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for more enhancements to optimize your business, arriving later this year! Make sure to save this page and return for new updates. 

Why Use Matrix?

  • Create custom searches based on address, MLS number, school district, commute time, and more. Save any search to use and/or modify at a later time
  • Prepare a wide array of report options to print, share, or save, such as CMAs, listing presentations, market stats and more
  • Improve customer service and communication with real estate portals and auto emails to clients
  • Instant access to the latest Realist® property records and data